How to Hit Abductors?

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The muscles between the legs are called adductors. Wide stance squats do it for me.[/quote]

would pulling sumo also work?[/quote]
Yep. When I was working with clients in a gym, that was one of my most useful “sells” to convince ladies to deadlift. :slight_smile:

And yep, OP, inner thigh muscles are adductors, outer thigh is abductors.

But really, man, I just saw your post a few weeks ago about your leg routine:

If your leg training still looks anything like that, the last thing you need is something else to work the adductors. Why are you looking to work them specifically?

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careful you might get big and bulky[/quote]

If there was a weekly award for “most useful post in the Beginners forum”, I’d totally give it to you. And then I’d grab it, break it, and give it back.

Really, I don’t see what prompted this from the dude’s simple question.