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How to Hit 6 Meals a Day?


So I've been really pushing to hit 6 meals a day instead of 3. I have the weekends covered, but the work week is a little more difficult. What could one typically eat for the 2 other meals during the work day? I have breakfast and lunch covered, but I want to squeeze in 2 more meals. I've been eating things like fruit just to keep metabolism up, but since there is no real protein in fruit I see this as a problem. Any recommendations for cheaper food items that can be used?

P.S. I took CT's advice on the cottage cheese. Even though it takes like crap, it does pack 16g protein per 1/2 cup.


how about put a scoop or two of protein in a shaker cup and just add water at work? also, there's no rule that states you must have 6 meals a day.


Shakes with fruit, almonds and as you mentioned cottage cheese. That has kept me going in work.


Nice. I'm thinking of even baking my own protein bars from the powder I have. I take it you just blend the shakes in the morning then take them to work?


Exactly..there's no rule that says you must have 6 meals a day. To the OP: Why are you so dead set on getting 6 meals...why do you not just fulfill your calories and macro goals with less meal frequency?

..seems like a no brainer to me.

Do you believe that your muscles will stop growing, or worse..waste away if you go 3 hours without food? They won't..


Whats the point of 6 meals? In your opinion.


The point is, after 3 hours our body goes into a "mode" that when we eat it stores more fat because the meals are more spaced out. I read that on this website. The goal is by eatng every 2-3 hrs you keep your metabolism "normal."


That doesn't really make sense, but let's just say that the eating every three hours to "stoke" metabolism is outdated, bro-science bullshit.

That's not to say that you can't or shouldn't eat that way, but it's not necessary.


Eh, it's wrong.

How much you eat and what you eat is infinitely more important than WHEN you eat.

Pay close attention to your nutrition around the time of your workout, other than that, the time you are eating is insignificant.


Man can people really still believe this 6meals a day shit. I dont understand. Somebody explain this

You can eat one meal a day and as long as it hits your caloric intake that matches your goals you will be able make those goals happen given the correct amount of time. There is no reason to eat 6 times a day and it can be harmful even. Read TC's spill about this.


Don't sweat 6 meals, just eat based on whatever is convenient for you. A lot of stuff out there to suggest that the supposed benefits of eating 6 times a day are bullshit. TC even wrote an article recently; http://www.T-Nation.com/strength-training-topics/1330.


A better question, rather than "how", is "why"?


Do what you can do EVERYDAY with minimal effort. You asking how is telling me that it is already inconvenient and something you won't continue with for long.



  1. Eat Every 2-3 Hours, No Matter What!

"Never skip a meal to "save calories." In doing so you're more likely to overeat later in the day. One of the worst things you can do is to go for prolonged periods of time without eating. You should eat to prevent hunger, not because you're hungry. Even if you're not hungry and it's been three hours, eat something. A protein shake with a handful of mixed nuts would suffice. "

That's where I got it from.


Focusing on "6 meals a day" is how I got big. When you are really skinny, you need to force those calories in a way that someone who did not start out that way with that fast a metabolism can't understand.

Arguing about whether specifically "6 meals a day" is needed is a wast of time.

No, you don't NEED 6 meals a day....but it isn't like that strategy didn't help a shitload of guys get really big over the last 50 years or so..


We understand where you got it from. This information is outdated.


Did you read all of the responses to that article?


Eh, the "science" behind needing to eat 6 meals has been disproven. I personally do it because it's just easiest to get my calories in if I spread out my meals. But if you can hit your macro goals in 3 meals there's no reason not to eat that way.

edit - if you still want to do it, I personally make all my protein shakes when I get home from work and put them in the fridge for the next day. Takes 10mins.


What "science" is there to it other than meeting a need?

Mind you, most of the people completely against that strategy don't look like bodybuilders.

I don't eat that often now because it isn't necessary. I have a solid protein source that allows me to get away with less calories.

The real advice should be "to eat in whatever way makes you grow the most"....and for many guys for a very long time, eating that often helped them do that.


Thing is, if someone needs 250-300mg of protein a day, then 6 meals - with 50mg of protein per sitting = 300 grams od protein - seems the way to go for me, especially as it would be hard for the body to take/digest more than 50gms of protein a day at any one time, or am I wrong?