How to Hire a Professional

What kind of professional would I be looking to consult about cycle planning? There are so many options and I have a lot of questions that I would like to discuss. I am not looking for a source, just a consultant with extensive knowledge and experience who can help me be successful.

If you read all the information in the stickies then lay out your proposed cycle you will most likely receive all the feedback and advice you require free of charge. There are at least three posters on this forum who have contributed greatly to the stickies and post regularly in this forum who many would consider ‘professionals’ plus many others who are at least considered ‘very knowledgeable’. If you read and digest everything in the stickies you will know more than many.

Thank you for the input. I have read trough all the stickies etc. and with the volume of questions I have I thought being able to meet with a professional. Many posts on this site end up ruined by people who think they know what they are talking about giving horrible advice which leads to a thread turning into a battle.

Over the last few months lurking, I have an idea of a few guys who give solid advice and I would benefit greatly by having a “go to guy” persay to handle my cycle. No I’m not talking about building of for me but someone to advise me as to what is the difference in compounds, what will benefit me most, how should I prepare before a cycle, how much test should i frontload, how can I get the most out of my first cycle, recommended training while cycling, caloric intake, activities I should limit on a cycle, obvious side effects that I need to be looking for, all the way down to injection location and frequency of injections.

I will continue to use the resources in the stickies but as you can see I have a plethora of questions.

Yep, hire a bodybuilder personal trainer and there you go… He will help you with all that; he may not be ‘the best’, but he will provide you with more than what you have now.

I would never put something in my body that I did not have a solid grasp on.

I trust very few people simply because they seem intelligent, I do fairly extensive research through pubmed and a variety of boards and sites.

The information here is of high quality, but certainly a shotgun approach when it comes to something this serious is always best.

BBB I’m a lurker around here and would be interested in hiring you. Please let me know how we proceed from here…