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How to Help a Friend


Also, he knows hes going to lose a lot of his friends in the process. Which I dont really understand why that’s an issue, I’m not… “sober”… but I really dont drink that often anymore and I lost a lot of drinking buddies (obviously) as a result, and… well… I’m more productive in my personal life as a result. Trying to lead by example here but hes not quite catching on.


It would be interesting to know what exactly his health issue is. I understand if you don’t want to say, but I cannot research what I don’t know.


Pretty good disclaimer there…

And it’s not pointless if he felt good to be able to rant about it.


Cystic Fibrosis.

There are many variations, luckily his is the least life threatening. Actually it’s not life threatening at all if he takes care of himself. Estimated 60-70 year mortality rate. Not to take away from it, but dont read into CF and by like “oh shit, he could die any day” because that’s simply not the case.

In short, its:

  1. Mucus build up in the lungs, well, not really mucus, it’s a fluid of kind. It causes lots of coughing.

  2. Protein deficiency, counter balanced with Creon, which he has to take every meal.

  3. Partial lung function. Just depends, if he treats it daily think 60-80%, but I’ve had to take him to the hospital after a multiple day bender where it got down to something like 22%

  4. I guess it prevents weight gain? It’s hard for me to say though, considering he eats like a bird.

  5. Infertility… ish. He can conceive, just not through normal means.

Unfortunately, and I guess I could have elaborated upon more earlier, the drinking severely impacts the first 3… and probably helps the 4th… bad jokes.

There are other variations and horror stories of kids dying in their teens due to it, but that is another branch of the mutation.

For a “normal” functioning life, he has to:

  1. Do a breathing treatment daily, some saline solution and something else. One agitates, and the other cleanses from my understanding.

  2. Take the aforementioned Creon before his meals, something like 4 pills.

  3. Exercise.

  4. Not… drink… not being a smartass here, that was one of the “hey. If you want to live dont do this” recommendations from the doctor.

It’s none of that Bates Motel shit, with the oxygen tank and all that. But still moderately cumbersome.


Okay, I want to do some research before I comment further. I appreciate the background info. It helps build a better picture.


If you were to remove the illness from the situation…do you still think he’ll be a mess?


Okay I did some research. So, he’s on disability and cannot work. He cannot be very physically active, he will likely never be married or date much if at all, he probably cannot have very satisfying sex even if he did find a partner. So basically, everything enjoyable about life has been taken from him and he’s only going to get worse through out life, albeit slowly. The only way he can make a lot of money is if he wins the lottery.

He can read, watch tv, or engage in mentally rigorous tasks, which can be satisfying if he is into it.
That’s a peak in to his future, not terribly bright. Oh and CF patients have a higher rate of suicide.

You can run, fuck, work, go anywhere and do anything you want.
I feel for the guy.
When you have your health you don’t know what it’s like not to have it.
I don’t think the bottle is his problem. He has no self-worth and it seems people are keen to tell him what to do but not help him not wake up in the morning wishing he was dead…
That’s how I see it.