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How to Help a Female Gain 15 lbs


So my friend is a petite about 5'4" woman who needs to be a minimum of 130lbs in order to fly an R44 and get her pilot license, she's willing to put some work into it but is afraid of becoming a fat slob, she has about a year to accomplish this, any suggestions?


Some reading from FigureAthlete that should help you figure out a nutrition plan:



Make sure you also get her on track with a consistent, well-designed training program to maximize muscle and strength. Don't let her fall for the "bulky She-Hulk" myth.

Does she have any training/lifting experience?


She's into yoga, but I think she wants to get with me some time and learn a few things about weights, I mentioned bodybuilding and she said she had considered that, though she has some pretty nasty injuries that will need to be worked around, a rod in her shoulder and a warped femur but we'll make sure to address any issues if something is painful. Thanks for the links Chris


Ha, then definitely check out that Tony Gentilcore article. Perfect.

Injuries can be tricky to deal with, but there's pretty much always a way to work around them, especially if they're not recent or causing recurring problems.

A year is plenty of time to work towards her goal, so there's no rush. Really, any well-rounded plan should do fine, especially since she sounds motivated. Keeping her eye on the goal should make it easier to eat and lift as much as she needs.