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How to Have Time to Fix Posture and Workout?

I have lots of mobility issues and bad posture issues and still want to workout injury free, but I’m a bit stressed because in between doing my posture exercises, my stretching, my warmups and then finally my workouts, I feel like my life is my body and I have kids and a husband. How can I micromanage this? anyone else like me?? Thanks

Mobility/Posture stuff during the day, Workouts during set times.

I used to have my wife stretch with me before bed

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the mobility/posture stuff would you do it all at once, or take little breaks. And my problem is I dont get a set list of mobility/posture, oh no. I want to do it all .And I need to stop that.

I do stuff here and there throughout the day.

I used to foam-roll and stretch before training and that cut into my training time, so I stopped.

Stuff like once I get into the office, once I get home, after dinner, before bed, etc works for me as far as mobility/movement drills. Just do something quick that you ahve time for. You can also integrate some stuff in your warmup for when you workout, whatever time/energy allows.

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