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How to Have This Type of Muscle?


I everybody, I'm a 16 years old guy from Montreal, Québec. I'm working out since 1 years. I' have a low body fat %, like 10% I think, and I had some muscle ( 150 to 165, not a lot I know).

Can you tell me how to have this type of thigh, dense and ripped muscle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WF9vXM7Tr70 ?

Some bodybuilder are big and have a lot fat%, but don't look ripped like that. Don't know if you understand what I mean.

Thanks for your respond.


You want to know how to get big and lean?


I want to know how to have the type of body that the guys in the vids have ( ripped and thight)


Lift weights and eat plenty of food. Easy as that.


that video couldnt have been any gayer... i stopped after 20 seconds.


I know but this is just for the exemple..


I watched the whole thing.


I'm pretty sure if you go to vegas, you can find that type of body for a reasonable hourly rate.


yeah, so did I... :frowning:


Poor dear! Try this one instead, much better :wink:


I really feel rick roll potential T-Nation style with these vids lol...


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I sort of didn't watch a lot of that, but I skipped over it to try and find out just how gay it became. wtf is wrong with me?


Caught me off guard with that hehe. I knew it would be bad once I saw the related vids in the side panel though.


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Its not gay if you're from France.


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You came to the right place. I hope you don't get eye strain reading text on a computer screen. Start looking up articles on this site. Go back in chronologic order and you'll find dozens of articles on nutrition and training that apply. Chad Waterbury is one of my favorite authors on this site but you may like Poliquin's articles better or Christian Thibaudeau's for that matter. All have excellent articles.

Welcome to the brotherhood of iron. Have fun, and enjoy the pain...