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How to Hang Clean Properly?


i wanted to put these into my routine to bring my traps along since im not a huge fan of shrugs. just wondering if anyone has any videos of how to do it properly? or any good articles on the hang clean? ive looked on YouTube but most of the videos have dislikes.

thanks in advance.



these provide good breakdowns of the lifts


watch 20-50 cleaning videos. Make your own conclusions


Why not?

What does your entire weekly plan look like (days, exercises, sets, and rep)?

I tossed a few good videos in the Technique thread:
Those should give you a solid idea of some effective clean technique.


Have you tried Voyer shrugs? Upright rows are also good.


Avoiding shrugs will be a big mistake. Cleans are a great exercise, but they alone will not magically give you large traps either. Look up "Squat Rx" on YouTube.

The Yoke

If you want traps, you need to shrug.


since making this post ive decided to drop hang cleans and go back to shrugs. ive started doing barbell shrugs again, definately a good call.


Also a tad easier to progress with :slight_smile: