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How to Handstand at 300lbs?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this .

But… any tips on doing a free handstand at 300lbs ? More on the balance part . I can do a wall handstand for over 1 min with no problem but the moment i try to get my legs away from the wall I can hold it for 1 or 2 secs at most.

I practice it quite often and on one or two days a week I pretty much dedicate my whole day to trying to stay away from the wall and in balance…it obviously doesnt work too well lol

Here’s a pic in that 1-2 secs of balance i get before having to tuck and get down.

why would you want to do this?

how tall are you?

Broad training goals? -this for some kind of crossfit challenge or just shits n giggles

I just want to.

About 5ft9

No challenge or anything. I just want to do it as a side thing from my normal weights training.

I think the likelihood of getting useful handstand advice on T Nation is about the same as getting good deadlift tips on acrobat.com.

What/who’s progression are you following?

Oh, really ? damn…

What? Not following anybody …idk what you mean .
Just kicked myself to the wall a while back and now im here.

My recommendation would be to find a gymnastics coach or similar who has published an article/video on how to do a handstand and follow that advice. It shouldn’t matter if you are 300lbs or 150.

Not sure how active he is on here anymore but I think @jackolee is a gymnastics coach or something.

Do a search for “Bud Jeffries.” He’s dude built like you who’s into handstands and all kinds of crazy stength feats. He might have something useful.


Just sent him a message. Lookin forward to see what he says . Thanks!

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Ahh, I thought from 300lbs you’d be like 6’5.
Not what you want to hear but best move would be to lose like 40lbs minimum. Obviously tons of health/energy benefits also

At 300 lbs you are going to need to be very
careful avoiding wrist and forearm injuries. Always warm up your wrists and strengthen your forearm extensors before handstand work. Practice chest to wall handstands as well as the back to wall handstands. Work on using a chambered grip, not flat hands. When you are overbalanced use your fingers to claw the ground back and when you are under balanced press hard with your palms. When you·re on the wall always push with your fingers to get off the wall. Learn how to cartwheel or foreward roll bail out. Do alignment drills to try to get a straighter, practice your kick ups so you have the wall only if you kick to far. i was about where you are several months ago, i would kick up to a freestanding handstand and maybe last 2-5 seconds. After practicing for a couple months all of a sudden most of my holds are around 15 or 20 seconds. Handstand progress is slow and not linear.

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My wrist and forearms can take the toll . They are used to handle heavy weight from benching, OHP and strongman work with axle and stones.

Chest to wall? As in “walking” up the wall with my legs ? I’ll try them.

Chambered grip? As in having my fingers a bit flexed so I can control balance a little bit more ?

I can do the cartwheel bailout whenever I try to do it without a wall.

Thank you for the tips !

Look up Breathe and flow yoga on YouTube. He’s got a a handstand tutorial coming out I think soon.
Over this quarantine I’ve followed his stuff a lot and I feel like I’ve gotten stronger, it’s geared more towards strength than stretching. Highly recommend his channel.

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Yeah thats what I mean. keep your hand flexed so you can get more control from your fingers. Chest to wall will help you a lot because you can focus on your alignment and correcting over balance. Walk up to the wall until your hands are about six inches away, keep arms straight. Only use your hands to move your body away from the wall.
Dont try to do too many free standing handstands until you’re getting 10 second holds on the wall rather consistently. It wastes a lot of time just kicking up and falling over. I did that when i started, you have to let your brain get more balance time to adapt. The force landing on your hands when you fall also is more than body weight, so eventually I got forearm splints from overdoing it. You can set a cummulative balance time you want all your handstand sets to add up to. So for example 30 seconds. Then try to do handstands untill your sets add up to 30.

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Thanks for the cool tips man !

Ah, about the forearm splints . I dont have forearm splints but I managed to get myself shin splints from just running or hopping on one leg at this bodyweight.

I know this is offtopic but any tips on recovering faster from splints ?

Nice youtube channel! Thanks.