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How to Handle Vinegar Before Meals?


Becouse of this article https://www.T-Nation.com/diet-fat-loss/tip-use-vinegar-to-get-lean-build-muscle i am starting vinegar loading

TC is my favorite nutritional expert

But it makes me vommit. It taste like alcohol (and i dont drink for few years).

How you do that vinegar before every meal is ok to you?

Can I cound when i use vinegar to soup or to steak marinada?


I do this but I personally just pour a couple tablespoons into a glass of water then chug it down. You cannot heat the vinegar because it kills all the healthy bacteria in the vinegar so I wouldn't pour it into a soup or use it to marinate a steak .

Best way to mask the taste would be to mix it in with a protein shake.

Also Are you drinking Apple Cider Vinegar or another kind? That's the type you should be drinking specifically a brand called Braggs.



It's something too strong to mask, unless you dilute it with a gallon of water just chug it down. Lol on the nutritional expert comment


So I think moderators did not like my original headline "Vinegar Nation" and replace it with "How to Handle Vinegar Before Meals?" :frowning: :smiley:

I have just normal apple vinegar. It does not work when you do not have raw unpastorized paleo?


It's really not the same.


What vinegar they used in the study?

(I am from Europe and i would like to try paleo vinegar, but it is too expensive for me and I am not rich yet. But I am working on it, maybe in next few years i will be...)


Make it yourself if you want


What are the protocols of vinegar drinking?

A shot of apple cider vinegar before eating? Which meals do you do this for? Pre-workout meal and post work out meals as well? How often? Anyone notice any benefits?



All I do is prepare some veggies, then do olive oil+ apple cider vinegar+ either heavy cream or butter, Parmesan, season it and here is your side salad or first course

Then load the meat/fish/eggs


Yeah I drink it 30min before a meal if I can or if I'm lazy in the morning before I go to work.

Raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is one of those old school cure alls. It's purported to have multiple benefits.

I personally use it for:

Digestion - increases the acid in your stomach. If you ever find undigested food in your stool or get gassy or bloated it will help

Healthy bacteria - It as well as fermented foods in general is filled with healthy gut bacteria

Weight loss - it shown to help with weight loss by lowering blood sugar levels.

Acid reflux - My dad uses it for acid reflux

Yeast overgrowth - it's antimicrobial so it can help with candida.

My digestion has skyrocketed since I started drinking it regularly.


Any need to be concerned about tooth enamel while ingesting such a large amount of vinegar?


If you're worried mix it in a glass of water and drink it with a straw


I assume no concerns with use when on a low carb diet? I've used Inidgo-3G with a low carb diet when shredding without problems.