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How to Handle Ding Dong Ditchers?


We called it something different. Our name for the practice was still alliterative, but more offensive.


This is the good part from the new forum, this thread popping back up, dang good ideas and good for a chuckle.

Farmer I think we called it the same thing,


I lived a little south of Buffalo, NY back then. I wonder if it’s a rust-belt thing.


We called it that down in Texas, too. I never knew there was another name.


We always called it ding dong door ditching. I had to google to figure out what you guys were talking about.


We also had rhymes and chants about what would happen if different sorts people got into fights.

The indoctrination started young.


I think you need to get a sign like this.


Here its called knock knock ginger.

Just kids being kids, better than breaking into garages or something worse


It’s Like the childhood version of a coordinated, stealthy operation. Which target has the best avenues of escape? Where is there the most cover? Are there any friendlies in the area who can help us escape?

Am I the only one who has started doing this to his neighbors, since seeing this thread?


Spent some of my youth in small town USA Iowa; solution was rock salt in shotgun kinda thing…word got around.
Oh the good old days.


Sorry I missed this prior to post. A classic never dies.


This has happened to me a couple of times, with different peeps every time. (Btw I’m a kid as well, and haven’t done this before) The first time it happened, I was way too late and didn’t see the culprit, and the second time I burst out the door with a knife(I was cooking when it happened) and chased the dude for a while to try to deter him. The third time it happened was just now. The culprit was running straight away from me, laughing and then I shot at him with my office supplies crossbow (http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Crossbow-Using-Pencils) and then was like “Who’s laughing now?” when my shot hit home. This thing is quite powerful and accurate, and if it can put a hole in my wall, it will certainly hurt.


Amusing term…almost sounds a bit pervy!..where I come from it’s called ‘knock-off ginger’.

Oh & yeah…BURN THEM!!!


Same name in Pittsburgh, at least back in the '90s.



Did you know some adults still play this game? Only these days it’s called ‘parcel force’.


“tap door run” we called it


Nicky Nicky Nine Doors up here. Maybe it’s a western Canada thing…


A non felonious way to deal with them would be to rig up an airhorn to a pressure plate or the doorbell itself. Hide it in a tree on the porch. You can get electic ones from car parts suppliers pretty cheap. The hooligans will freak out in front of their idiot peers… and have a headache for an hour.