How to Handle Ding Dong Ditchers?

What would you do if you had kids ringing the doorbell and running? I don’t want to hurt anyone because it is probably just kids but I’d like to come up with something better then jumping out of the bushes. Any suggestions?

you know you’re old when…


Don’t answer the door.

[quote]StevenF wrote:
you know you’re old when… [/quote]

I know

Place a camera outside your door. If it doesn’t deter them, then you’ll at least know who they are (assuming they are from your neighborhood) and you can go tell their parents so they get an ass whooping. Or if the parents don’t discipline their kids, threaten them with an ass whooping yourself if they ever step foot on your property again.

Personally I would keep a Jason mask near by and a fake machete. When the fuckers would ring my bell I’d sprint out after them while maniacally laughing and screaming “my next victim is here.” That’ll show them.

Short the door bell to give a mild shock every time it is used

Put a couple large pits on your porch. Usually deters people.

Or hook a car battery to your doorbell ringer and film it.

Wait for them, the. Hit with some silly string…THEN LIGHT THEM ON FIR CAUSE THAT SHIT IS REALLY FLAMMABLE


I remember ding donging ditch the neighborhood when we were young, probably about 8. We did my friends house and his mom knew it was us, then she chased the group down, grabbed my friend, and spanked his ass all the way home.

We were rolling on the ground laughing.

Claymores ; )

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Since its close to Halloween you could dress up in a scary costume and run out of the bushes with a chainsaw.

Run outside with an accent and yell why you ring door!!! Proceed to hop in your car and by this time the kids should have a head start. Chase them down in your car and yell some more.

Keep your light off and tie some fishing line across where they run up to ring your doorbell. Film them falling on their face and you’ll be a youtube legend

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Put some battery acid in your sprinklers.

Hide in the bushes with a bucket of water and a bucket of flour.

Buy a motion detector that alerts you before they ring…set it up on the walkway etc. Set up a hidden camera also Catch the little fuckers. Then have a talk with the parents. They are trespassing on private property, time to pay the piper. If the parents give you any shit report the kids to police.

Wait for them to ring the doorbell, and then dump boiling oil out of the upstairs window onto them.


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[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
Hide in the bushes with a bucket of water and a bucket of flour.[/quote]

No pain for the little bastards…so I like this idea the best.

[quote]johngalt191 wrote:
Short the door bell to give a mild shock every time it is used[/quote]

No jokes I think this is a good idea.

Put a bag full of dog shit on your door mat. Set fire to it…

Then when the kids try to put it out by stamping on it, you can egg them.

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