How to Grow My S&C Knowledge?

I am a 17 year old PT and Rugby Coach. Studying Sports and Exercise science at college with aspirations to be a strength and conditioning coach. Aim to study Strength and Conditioning Science at Uni. Played rugby all my life currently play for 3 very successful teams including my county team and have captained several teams over the years. Willing to learn and always trying to improve my knowledge. Can anyone recommend any sites or posts on conditioning that can help me learn more about the basics of strength and conditioning?

The articles and posts Jim Wendler has wrote on training athletes would be a good start. None of the bullshit info that is often seen by many who are training athletes.

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Cheers for responding,I will take a look.

Chad Wesley Smith has several podcasts on s&c topics. Ashley Jones at Elitfts and Joe Defrancoe are also fantastic resources.

Sweet I will check those out, cheers.