How to Grow a Network of Strong, Masculine, Successful Men

Honestly, never done one. I would think that you would get good experience and make some potential connections but don’t really know.

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I think you’ll likely just meet such people just being in your profession and the gym.

I suppose a man can be successful without doing so much connecting but life is smoother and you can definitely increase your earnings and options and elevate your position by knowing many people and being well-liked. Competence is implied, of course.

I am all for men sticking together and helping and teaching one another. I think male companionship, masculine affection, and male spaces is seriously lacking in this day and age in which (yes, this sounds negative, because it is) men seem to not give a shit about one another and even in some cases take joy in tearing down their fellow men.

The aforementioned lack is even apparent on here considering the increasingly more common threads started by confused and leaderless men.

So I’mall for this. Because I’m not an absolute individualist, I stick to the cliches, “there is strength in numbers,” and “team work makes the dream work.” And as I’ve said previously, “individualism is for suckers.”

I’m into individualism only in the framework of individual pursuits, using personal strengths, and pulling one’s weight. Other than those, a network is called for.

I’m not even against cronyism in 2023, while in a healthier era I’d be against it.

TL;DR: Perhaps a man doesn’t have to be a social butterfly to be successful, but being one makes a world of a difference.

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Are there any groups for Marines to network after they’ve done their time?

I can’t think of a more highly motivated, bonded group of manly men than that.


Sadly, most tend to get out, gain 30lbs minimum, and drop their pack. Those who don’t, tend to be ‘just enough-ers’. At least in my experience.

Ok. I just had a couple off the top of my head that immediately came to mind.

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In my opinion this is not something you can force, or else the connections will be disingenuous and unproductive. Like a “getting to know you” group at a trade show after hours activity for “speed dating” business card swaps that rarely, if ever l, turn in to anything other than a shallow, one-off bone throw.

  1. I believe you naturally attract people that you’re like and it just sort of flows. If your career level doesn’t have you bumping elbows with similar people (who are actually competition) plus a higher ranked mentor or two, either you’re still in the large, entry level pool of disposable soldiers or you’re not the one, so look inward.

  2. Outside of work, if you’re working on hobbies and things that ultimately lead to growth (like the gym), the people around you have a similar kernel of internal drive and the will to accomplish goals. This is your network.

  3. If you want to cross-over to the business world with it, join a gym in business districts. Show up at 4:30am. This is when your executives will be there. Don’t act like a weirdo hounding for contacts. It’s a turn off. Train, talk football in the sauna and the rest will come.

  4. Use social media. Connect with your kids Boy Scout parents on LinkedIn, or whichever social group members. You may be surprised who you know, or who they know.

  5. Join network groups, but with steady state members. You’re all going for the same reason so stay in that professional, neutral lane otherwise and build overly stated network relationships. If you’re lucky, the people in point 3 will invite you to theirs. Or recommend a group with an opening, and you know the members have executive sign off.

As a general comment, you need number one to be in line for anything else to work. Who are you and where do you fit in? Are you worth networking with? Would draw the respect of people you want to follow in return, or are you more of a wide eyed puppy without substance trying too hard to brown nose your way to success?

When I look back at friends, genuine friends growing up that I’m still in touch with, we all had similar qualities that were often a double edged sword. Testing and pushing limits (good or bad), generally curious, assholes maybe but muted out to generally assertive with age and experience, very independent with an almost anti-authority vibe et cetera.

One guy died in jail years ago, but he did push his path to the extreme, so. Most of us are self-employed and doing relatively well. And I don’t mean jobless gig workers or handymen by self-employed. One guy owns an architecture firm, one is a podiatry surgeon who contracts to various hospital systems, another is lawyer, I own a multi-office insurance firm et cetera. None of us are Bill Gates but we are doing a hell of lot better than we would be mid-career in a bobble head corporate job, even if we did manage to hit all the breaks and promotions on time.

Point being the internal drive, the push to focus it and the energy to see it through will help you more than shaking the right hand. It will line you up with the right hands to shake, and if genuine it will be recognized in return and you’ll find not only similar people to network with, but mentors who can actually pull you up a level. So be what you want others to give you and go down the path it opens. Just focus correctly.


All the most successful men I know are completely the opposite of the faggy new redpill notions of alphamale lol. Im a fat short weird looking creature Id fucked 200 girls by the time i was 19, always got girlfriends despite being broke by just being myself and being fun to be around and caring.

All the most succesful men I know, including multimillionaire business owners, artists, people with high social capital are also the complete opposite of the tate shit. I think a real example of networking being effective is how Jews do it. They literally don’t value physical appearance or signalling how masculine they are but they dominate in economics, media, politics, they can get each other jobs, access to high status positions, help regarding educational and career opportunities.

A group of guys so insecure they have to discuss masculinity at all is probably going to be full of basket cases. My Brother is 6 foot 5, ex military now in the private sector, body of a greek statue. Hes the softest least “alpha” guy i know. If you talked to him about being masculine hed laugh.

Yeah, I’m not sure I’ll be taking advice from you. This isn’t the first time Ive I’ve said “i don’t believe you”.

Jews make money and keep their money by using a close knit network of people who believe and act the same way they do… why do you think they live in Jewish communities? In these networks, one jewish dude makes money and contracts specifically through his other Jewish business partners.
This isn’t comparable to my situation.

I don’t think you’re qualified to speak on the matter, frankly.


The thread is about growing intellectually, socially, and professionally or whatever other sort of growth men are seeking and how men can help one another doing so. Why are you using number of sex partners as a measuring stick for this?

Like you, I believe much redpill content is destructive garbage yet you are using what redpillers use as a measuring stick for success as a man: getting sex from many women, which can and has resulted in serious problems, not success.


Being successful with women is a general gauge of competence. Its basically a sociological IQ test. Its essentially a form of social proof. Its why men who are in the company of attractive women are rated as being attractive by other women.

Its nothing to do with the women themselves. It is a general gauge of traits such as confidence, intelligence, conscientiousness, disagreeableness. In chimp social groups the toughest chimp might get top spot for awhile but the chimps that are the best at navigating their social group, grooming the weaker ones, play wrestling with peers, being useful hunting monkey for bush meat etc end up climbing to the top of the hierarchy. The ones who are biggest and toughest usually end up being deposed and mutilated by the rest in short order if they get there by being brutes.

Sexual selection can be seen as a mirror to hierachy climbing. And its almost never the “Alpha” or most “masculine” that reaches the top and stays there. Human society is almost entirely about social ability. A chad soldier is a pretty disposable individual. A man who can generate capital, organise humans, plan complex systems is the one who holds actual power.

The Albanian Mafia took control of my city in the 90s. All of them were short in stature, unassuming and looked like disheveled middle aged men. They befriended the bottom rung dealers, they made networks with the minority gangs and showed them loyalty. They embedded themselves in the Muslim and Christian communities. Within a year of being here all the local shops were paying them, they took the heroin trade, they killed the main mob here or chased them out and they did it all by simply being intelligent. The guy who runs the clan outside of Albania here is Peksy he is a 5 foot 2 fat bald man. Hes a multi millionaire and he grew up in an orphanage, with a disabled right arm from birth. He became rich, succesful, feared, loved, had beauiful women before he even became a mobster. Because he had the right stuff to become a value generator.

Physical fitness, ability to fight, none of this is high value. Its what high value people pay low value people for. Its the US elite who are alpha males, the us navy seal is literally a beta male who serves their interests for a wage. Im saying the whole concept of alpha in the modern west is retarded.

This response checks out with why I said you were not qualified to answer the question.


What happened to my comment calling out @Grool for being a fat, lazy (both fat and lazy are the terms he used to discribe himself), unqualified individual to speak on this subject?

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