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How To Go About Sust250 Stasis

Hello Dears

Has been quite a while…
Hope u r all doing well…

Another couple of injections and my Sustanon250 Gain Cycle is gonna end. I’m gonna follow a 2 week stasis followed by PCT.

The cycle was 10 week Sustanon250 at 125mg EOD.
The stasis would be 25mg EOD.

My question is how to preserve or utilize a 1ml ampule of Sust250 for 10 injections of 25mg EOD?

Do I take the entire 1ml into a syringe (maybe d insulin syringe) and use 1/10th every time…throw away d needle. Next time reuse the syringe with a new needle?

Or I keep the oil in the ampule…just take out 1/10 at a time and inject?

Your experiences and views are very important folks…please do reply…

Thanks in advance

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Thanks Bushy…
Filling should be no problem…lots of free time now…GF’s flown out of country for vacation :slight_smile:
I was just concerned if prefilling would contaminate the oil.

Also as we had discussed before I’m gonna go with a 5 week statis and then SERM PCT with no Taper.

Did you get any feedbacks from anybody who’s run stasis followed by only SERM PCT (no taper)? Don’t want to be the Guinea pig…ha…ha…ha…

Lots of stuff I learnt on this first Test cycle, I’ll post it seperately once the entrie cycle is done.


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With the multiple esters and half lives in Sust250 would running a typical taper with 40-30-20-20 mg per week be good enough? Looks like d daily Test values will keep fluctuating…Besides honestly speaking I feel lazy about the pinning…with no visible gains…:slight_smile:
Do you think it would make a huge impact on recovery if I don’t run a taper? Or rather would running d taper with Sust aid in d recovery process?