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How to Get your Main Lifts Up?


So I'm currently doing ABBH right now and almost done with it. I'm thinking for my next program, I wanna incorporate a day to get my main lifts up. SO for squats, training the hams and core, for bench the triceps and for deadlifts..... well you get the idea.

So what's the best exercises for getting your main lifts up? Is it a good idea to spend a workout day on these little muscles just to get my main lifts up? What's the best way to get them up?


Try a basic powerlifting routine, such as Westside For Skinny Bastard or a beginner Westside template ( http://www.elitefts.com/documents/in_the_beginning_by_BobY.htm )


Do main lifts...


x2. Duh.


Well, like posted above the best way to get main lifts up is to...do main lifts.

But also you will find doing other exercises for that muscle group helps out, especially if you plateau.

My suggestion is to work on your "main lifts" for a while, get them as good as you can, all the while tweaking the other exercises you do for that muscle group. Find what works, stick to it until it stops working.


Are you serious?

Do understand this wild training idea you came up with is just NORMAL TRAINING?

If you want to get your bench up, you have to train the muscles involved in the lift (pecs, delts, triceps) to avoid stagnating (and you also have to gain weight and eat enough protein).

If you want to get your deadlift up, you train your hamstrings, lower back, lats, upper back and arms.


Things change slightly when your main goal is bodybuilding, because instead of just wanting a bigger bench, you also specifically want a bigger military press, barbell curl, EZ-extension.... etc... so things get split up more and muscles get more targeted focus.

But the idea is always the same.


you know it. x3


Lmao. I understand the concept. what I'm asking is what are the best exercises to make your "supporting" muscles stronger. Cuz obviously you need a solid core but obviously you don't wanna do endless crunches. :expressionless:


I don't remember which article it was but I read how dave tate bombed on his squats cuz he had a weaker core and hammies(i think)..

Louie told him to pull out of the meet and work on his weaknesses.....


Takes a lot more then a strong core to get the rest of your body strong, though a core is important.

It was posted above, all the supporting muscles to chest.. tri's, delts... just by doing exercises you should feel the muscles being worked in other areas of your body which doing a certain exercise.

To keep with the chest example, I know I feel my triceps get worked when I do chest exercises, as well as other muscles. If those supporting muscles don't get worked on their own though, they will lack (obviously) and thus your "main lifts" will lack because of it.


Okay, so what do you guys suggest I work on? Specially on squats and deadlifts? and what kind of exercises are best for the smaller muscles that support those lifts?


Well you gotta work out everything man and it will fall into place...

I'm not saying do a full body workout each time you go to the gym but you gotta get a routine down where each muscle gets worked...someone with much more knowledge and knowhow then I will have to help you with putting one together though.

Do a search on this site, there is plenty of great articles for bulking up and improving lifts...but the main thing is EAT LIFT EAT LIFT.


Basic exercises for each major bodypart:

Bench press (BB, DB)
Incline bench press (BB, DB)
Decline bench (BB, DB)
Cable fly
DB fly
Pec deck

T-bar rows
Barbell rows
Dumbell rows
Cable rows
Face pulls

pulldowns (wide grip, V-bar)
rack chins

Barbell curls
Dumbbell curls
preacher curls (BB, DB)
concentration curls
hammer curls

cable pushdowns (various handles)
close-grip bench
overhead extensions
lying extensions (BB, DB)

Back squats
Front squats
Romanian deadlifts
Leg curls (lying, seated, standing)
GH raises
Leg press
Hack squat

Whatever you want...

Same as above...

Military press (standing, seated, BB, DB)
Front raises (DB, cable)
Side raises (DB, cable)
Rear delt raises (DB, cable, pec deck)

Did I miss anything?

Assuming your goal is bodybuilding realted, pick 3-4 exercises from each group (bigger muscles get 4, smaller get 3 obviously), and bust your ass.


I think what you are trying to ask is: What are the best assistance exercises for back squat and deadlift? Right?

For back squat heavy good mornings help to strengthen the post chain. This is especially helpful is you have too much forward lean coming up out of the hole.

For deads you can pull for speed, pull from a deficit, pull from a snatch grip, do rack pulls, pull sumo, etc.
The exercises that you rotate will depend on what your sticking points are.


Dude THANK YOU! That's exactly what I was asking. My fault cuz I couldn't thik of the word "assistance". LOL. But yea that answers the original question. THANKS.


The fundamental issue here is that YOU are NOT Dave Tate. And Dave was a whole hell of a lot bigger and stronger than you when Louie gave him that advice. Dave actually had specific weaknesses he could address to improve his lifts.

Your weakness is your entire body. Train to lift progressively heavier weights, eat to get bigger, and repeat ad nauseum.

And why are you doing a program entitled Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy? Do you think bodybuilders are stupid and don't know how to train to get those big muscles they have? Do you think they stick themselves with a needle and magically get bigger? Guess what? They don't! They tirelessly work harder than you, eat more than you, and an don't worry about insignificant little details.

In other words, if you want hypertrophy, then why are you eschewing the training methods that got the biggest guys to where they are?


WTF? Is it the time of the month for you? Or you just felt like being a total dumbass today? I referenced dave tate because I read his article on working on your weaknesses and doing assistance exercises for your main lifts.

And who said anything about bodybuilders just magically getting bigger using roids? No one. You think cause its a 16 year old OP that I'm completely clueless? And I'm doing ABBH because everyone's been raving about it. Would it be the best exercise program of 2003 if it wasn't good?

And how many 16yr old kids do you know that would actually post in this site knowing pricks like you lurk in here and try to make shit up just to sound cool and make the "kids" sound clueless and dumb?

The question's been answered anyways einstein. So why do you have the need to make shit up saying I'm assuming it doesn't take hardwork and bbers just roid up and get magically big?

Seriously. If you ain't gonna help, why even bother being a complete troll. It's a beginners forum. Maybe you should lurk on the Off topic forum cause obviously, you need to go get a fuckin life.


Have a look at Eric Cressy's Maximum Strength book.


I'm guessing from this you haven't even looked at the ABBH program and thus are judging it completely by it's title.

Just to clue you in, it was written by Chad Waterbury, a guy who knows a whole hell of a lot more about lifting and how to build muscle than you do.

From my understanding it's called Anti-BodyBuilding Hypertrophy because the traditional method used by bodybuilders to promote hypertrophy was to lift a reasonable weight for about 3 sets of 10 reps, whereas this program flips that on its head and gets you lifting heavy weights for 10 sets of 3 reps.

Go spend 6-8 weeks on the program, then you may have some basis to bitch about how crap it is.


If you are really 5'4" 130 lbs like your profile says, I would second the EC's maximum strength book.

No offense, but at your weight/level of experience, jumping into westside would be a recipe for injury. With max strength, you'll be able to put on a bit more muscle while working on the main lifts, in addition to practicing sound injury prevention strategies. If you followed that and ate your ass off, you'd probably be a lot more prepared to do a 100% powerlifting routine.