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How To Get There???

HI everyone im new here and since the search button doesn’t work on my computer i cant find the programs or diet i need, so i need help from everyone. I am 17, 175 lbs,and 5’10. I am trying to get down to 160 but i dont know how to go about this i think i will try the t-dawg 2.0 to lose the fat but does anyone have opinions on what weight program to do. I know many of you might be thinking that is very light but I am a swimmer and a soccer player and would like to be as lean as possible and thin.

The search function doesn’t work on your computer? Do you have a pop up blocker? If yes, you need to use the disable function on that(usually shift or cntl) to allow for the search pop up window to run.

For a good weight loss program, try the Waterbury Summer Program. It is currently on the home page. Works well and will help out in your sports.