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How To Get The Six-Pack


There are a thousand different articles, written by a thousand different professionals who swear that they have, in their workout, the key to building defined abs.

I've done several of these. And, it hasn't worked. I'm muscular, but slender around the waist, (170 lbs) and shouldn't, from what I hear, have a huge amount of trouble defining the abs.

So, I've been super confused about how best I should go about accomplishing this goal of mine.

Then someone gave me the link to "Ab Training for Athletes and Babehounds", by Christian Thibaudeau, on this site. (http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459658)

And I'm interested whether anyone has tried it, and whether it worked. Has anyone gone from undefined abs to defined abs with this workout? How long did it take??

Any thoughts/input is great.

Thanks, guys.




Maybe you should try dieting? You could have the biggest, baddest abs in the world but your never going to see them unless you lower your bodyfat to a certain point.



Seriously there is no super secret extra special training program that is going to give you a ripped 6 pack in a short period of time.

I'm not saying don't do CT's workout, I have never read it but he is a great coach and author so I'm sure its great. However ab's are just like anything else, they take time and hard work.

There are several likely scenarios to why your not happy with your ab's'

1- your body fat is to high so you can't see what ever muscles you have

2- You lack overall muscle mass so even if you have low body fat you have nothing to show off

Figure out whats the cause of your problem and find a solution. Don't go picking ab workouts blindly, pick something that meets your specific needs.