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How to Get the Pro Wrestler Look?


What workouts would everyone here recommend if someone wanted to get more of a professional wrestler look?

Obviously the person must eat more and train like a mofo... but in what exercises specifically?


Offseason bodybuidler w/ acting skills = wrastler


That didn't really help..


The usual stuff will work, especially if you're taking steroids.


Do you really think all wrestlers train the same way?

Your question is retarded. No one is going to answer it.

What do you suppose is the difference between looking like a particular wrestler and looking like a bodybuilder?


No, but a lot of them train together and use each other's routine's you illiterate fucktard, learn to spell bones correctly. (being attacked isn't awesome, is it?)

I even posted a picture, so, you could probably use common sense and go.. "Oh! this guy probably would like to be built like the wrestler in the picture."

Then, you'd suggest certain lifts to get that sort of physique.

Not all wrestler's are built like bodybuilders and still have good builds, guys like Chris Jericho for example.

So, Bonez47812023892782374827 go take your speak-n-spell and go play in the corner and let someone with a brain and common sense respond to the question.


You joined three years ago and really have to ask?

Squats, deadlifts, bench, military press, rows, pullups/chinups, dips and maybe some curls too. Might want to utilize some flyes but I'm one of the newer kids on these forums, only been training about half a year with any actual intent of getting somewhere.


Oh.. well easy enough then.
Thanks Woundedbyravens.


This is NOT Wrasslin!!!


muscles grow the way they grow. you aren't going to really change the shape of a muscle based on your exercise selection. you can't say "well the guy in that pic has biceps that look like this, so do hammer curls for 3 sets of 8". It will do nothing to change YOUR muscle insertions, the way YOUR body grows. Virtually everybody benches, how come people's chests look different? You could do this guy's exact program and probably not look like him. Because you are not him. That's why when a coach designs a program they don't give you a picture of somebody else and say "This is what you will look like". Because you won't. You will look different. Maybe you can make similar progress, but your muscles are not going to look exactly like his.

That is why your question is foolish and Bonez is right. And your little "comeback" or whatever was foolish, you attacked the name he posts under for spelling and threw random numbers on the end. I'm sure he is mentally broken by that. He was correct to criticize your question and if you looked through his posts you would see he is a knowledgeable member that helps out a lot of people.


Bonez217 has been around just as long as me.
He's also the same guy who posts on these boards with a huge chip on his shoulder insulting everyone every time someone asks a question.

"Maybe you can make similar progress", that's the part I'm interested in. To make similiar progess.


Juice for one. You can't can be a WWE superstar without juice.
It can be peach, mango or berry berry.
The biggest, cuttest guys are on a mix of peach and mango tho.
About 1000 mL peri-workout is a good starting point.


Bonez217 has been around as long as you but apparently has absorbed and used more information than yourself (judging by the question you asked + bonez having a better physique than yourself)

I'd suggest you go back and reread some articles to get the answers to your questions.

Here's some decent ones to start you off:



If you want to make similar progress, you would have to do similar things.


The coumpound lifts already mentioned, but I'd wager there's strong emphasis on the olympic lifts as well.

Once they get to a reasonable strength level, they all train differently to attain a look they want.


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Jereth127, thanks.

Same for you too Chewwy for providing the articles.



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ron22, I already have that part under control. :wink:


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