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How to Get the Most Out of My Supplements


I originally posted this in the over 35 lifter but got zero responses so I hope this is a better forum...
I had a credit on my visa so I bought some Biotest supplements. My goal is to lose weight/get lean. I'm 37 yo, 250#, 18% bodyfat. The supplements I purchased are Metabolic Drive, Surge Workout Fuel, Surge Recovery, and some BCAAs. I also have Beta-7 and some good old fashioned creatine...any thoughts on how to use them best? Timing?

I'm on 5/3/1 2x a week and do a combo of tabata's or complexes 2-3 times a week. I'm not a big supplement guy so this was a reach for me although I've had some great success with creatine in the past...Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated from the T-Nation population. Thanks.

PS still trying to figure out how to have my Surge Workout Fuel drink and then my Surge Recovery drink on an empty stomach post workout as instructions say to have Surge Workout Fuel during workout and then Surge Recovery says to take immediately post workout on an empty stomach...


This is very hard to say since you did not post your any info on diet. Diet comes first (eating clean, etc.). There are toms of information on this site on this subject if you care to research. Next is workout - you will not see gains unless you are putting in the effort.

Proper pre-post workout nutrition is critical, so use the Surge for that. Any other supplementation is secondary to a good diet and workout plan. It really is not rocket science. Eat healthy, lift yout ass off, rest, and use the supplements to give you the extra boost as needed. Try not to get too hung up on the details - experiment to see what works best for you.


You'll likely see better results by having a serving of Surge Workout Fuel prior to training and then consuming a serving of Surge Recovery during training. Follow training with a serving of Metabolic Drive or a high-protein meal.


diet is clean - have a small cheat meal about every 3 days but otherwise it's clean and follow Berardi's plan which has helped me drop about 10-12 lbs of fat. In terms of effort I squat 525 for 3, bench 335 for 2, push press 225 for 3 and dl 495 x2 so i think the intensity is there as is discipline...

what i'm looking for is best time to take my amino's, how often i should take protein in addition to regular meals and even though there is lots of info on supplements on the website, some of it is conflicting. Don't really need advice on lifting and diet - details about the supplements are exactly what i need and looking for someone on the site who has experience to help me with this.


instructions say to take Surge fuel during workout and Surge recovery post workout - just curious but why do you think this is better? Regardless, I'll try this for my next workout and see how I feel. Thanks.


We've simply found that many trainees respond better to having their peri-workout carbs prior to and during training.


Thanks Mod Brian. That's exactly what I was looking for.