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How to Get the Best from My TRT?

Been on trt 8 years now, Nebido 1000mg every 10 weeks, it’s all I can get here with our health system but I find it’s a spike of T which levels out to roughly 15, (11 being below normal)before i get the next shot, no other treatment is available. Im pretty sure I could do with a Ai,
Sexual function is fine for the final 4 weeks of a course but falls way off within a week of a jab, and the circle continues…
Can anyone offer any advice, should I source an Ai to help get the best bang for my buck?? Ot perhaps something else

Could you try 500mg every 5 weeks?

I’m afraid not, it’s an Intra muscular injection, into the gluteus, and I have to go to my gp to get it, they wont allow me to do it for insurance reasons, I have asked!! The vial has the full dosage of 1000mg and my endo wasnt keen either, the nurse suggested 500 in the left cheek and 500 in the right but that’s splitting hairs Haha

If you’re in Ireland, you do have other options. It’s legal to possess, so do what the other guys do, and source what you want and go to self-treatment.

It’s not a route I’ve considered but definitely will look into it, tbh sometimes it feels like I’m the only one with with low T and it’s something ive kept to myself, jeez none of my family or friends know so it’s not something ive even considered sharing or outsourcing my treatment… thanks hardartery!!

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Use the internet to your advantage. Manage your own care and your own health. The system is created to do the bare minimum in order to keep people placated and paying taxes. You get one life, how badly do you want to live it with only four week intervals of sexual function every 10 weeks?

Please lookup Dr Fionulla McHale. Not only is she smoking hot but she understands hormones like nobody else in Ireland. Highly recommended.

I’m in Ireland too. Is it legal to possess this stuff? Everyday’s a struggle