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How to Get Started with Training Men's Physique

Hey everyone,

I am a personal trainer and circus performer. I want to start training for Men’s Physique but it just seems overwhelming. As soon as I can afford it (just got started at a gym and building clients) I am going to be getting a trainer myself for this reason.

Tips on what to look for in a trainer?
Tips on what I need to research to begin with?
Anything general things things. Thanks!

My first advice is to get a coach (not a personal trainer!) who has competed, and competed WELL. I’ve seen waaaaay too many typical commercial gym PT’s try to get clients ready to compete, and just drop the ball horribly. Of course I’ve also seen “coaches” who have competed, and while to someone who doesn’t know any better that may sound good, but the last thing you want is someone who has routinely placed at the very bottom of whatever contest they’ve entered.

Next, find someone with a proven track record. This is the current generation of “I can quote studies and make myself sound really knowledgeable online.” As such, make sure someone knows, and has shown that they know HOW TO ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT the information you need in achieving a contest level physique. Something Brad (@BrickHead) and I joke about whenever we see certain other coaches subtle bragging about whatever degrees they may have in an attempt to throw shade at anyone else, is how you really only need the most rudimentary UNDERSTANDING of basic nutrition and how it factors into performance and appearance in regard to bodybuilding. Most of the really sciencey stuff I’ve learned over the years never comes up, and Brad’s an actual RD with MULTIPLE sports nutrition related degrees -lol

Lastly,… BE HONEST with yourself. No one needs a zillion cheerleaders constantly praising you, because when you finally get up on that contest stage, and you get a brutally honest assessment of how you stack up against other competitors, it can be a very shocking and rough pill to swallow if you realize that everyone was just being supportive in the worst possible way (even if not intended as such).



Thanks for the starting off point.

Now to look for coaches…adding this to my circus training should be interesting

Also where are you based… since I am in need of a coach?

Look up 3DMJ. They are a group of coaches that only train natural athletes.

2 of the coaches:

I’m in NY, but Most of my clients are online situations. I’ve got guys in England, Australia, and pretty much all over the US. The ones in NY I am able to meet up with in person and help with posing and presentation, but everyone else relies on videos and photos for my posing critiques.


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I am based in NYC…Astoria to be precise. I contacted you via your website and have your questionaire to fill out.

It should be very do-able. I don’t know what specifically you do in the circus, but I have to think there is compatibility here, with time likely being the main constraint, rather than having incompatible goals. I compete in strongman, and my training is mostly devoted to that, but it overlaps well enough for aesthetic-related training that I can pursue both goals.