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How to Get Sponsorships?


Hi there. I qualified for Nationals in figure division this past month and am planning to compete in Florida at the end of November. Since I am in Nevada, cost will be significant. Can anybody give me some advice on the best way to approach companies for sponsorship? Should I approach those companies in the fitness industry or cast the net wider?
Many thanks for any advice!


cast the net wide. look locally as well as nationally.
are there any local places that you frequent, such as restaurants, that look likely? where do you get your suits, clothes, shoes, and make-up? who does your hair? do you shop for healthy food or supplements at a particular shop?offer to do some appearances and have your pictures or posters on their walls. check with local magazines, papers, radio, and tv for possible modeling or commercials. contact your HR as some companies will help sponsor their employees outside endeavors.
hope this helps.


Thanks so much, all of this is very helpful! I plan to make a list of places I frequent as you suggested so we'll see what happens. Thanks again for taking the time to respond, it is hugely appreciated! Happy Friday :slightly_smiling:


A lot of it is your visibility and "following". One of my clients is an NPC bikini competitor. While she has only been competing a little over a year, she has 15,000 "followers" on instagram and who knows how many on FB. She hasn't even placed top 5 in any show (she's done 6th and 7th out of ~30 girls), BUT, as I like to tell her; "people like to come along for the ride," and seeing someone work hard and improve can be very inspiring.

Sometimes, just making yourself standout via online and even real life means can attract attention, other times, a little active work on your part can do wonders. Send out little introductions. A brief bio, and explanations of why you'd be a good person to be associated with a certain company or product can make a lot happen if the right person reads it.

Best of luck!



I am so sorry, I didn’t see this reply! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond and for the great advice. Best wishes!


How did you do in the comp? Hope it went well. Good luck with everything you’re doing and I hope the sponsor hunt has went well.


Hi! Thanks for asking, I didn’t end up competing in the November pro-qualifier because my legs were just not where they needed to be. I thought it pointless to go that distance knowing I could do better. I have my sights on Vegas at the end of July. Thanks so much for the advice you previously gave. Right now I have joined a talent agency for some modeling/acting work to help defray the cost of the show. I still intend to reach out to some local places for sponsorship too. Have a great weekend! Happy training.


Sorry about the pro-qualifier in Florida. After seeing your picture I have no doubt you’ll be dialed in for July. I’ll be pulling for you.
I’m glad I could be of service. Congratulations on the modeling/acting work. I hope it helps you and that you also have fun with it. It should really help with local businesses.
Keep giving updates on the work and training…and maybe a picture or 5. Take care.


Cast your net as big as possible.
Get big on instagram.