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How to Get Ripped?

Hi guys (&gals?):

Curious about any experiences with getting ripped for people my age.

I’ve seen some articles here about carb cycling and how to place cardio and that sort of thing.

I’d just like to lean way the hell out for a particular date (November 9, '17), and am looking for advice.

My workout log is in this forum “Fat Old Man Shrinking.” Strength is ok, muscle mass needs work like everyone, and nutrition is the key area I’m thinking will need tweaked.

I’ve not had visible abs since age 22, 25 years ago. For this particular date I want to see them, along with some other bulging muscles. At present I feel that there’s adequate muscle that will show well, I just need to remove the fat off of them.

How many weeks out should I start whatever program, etc?

If you know of a proven method to get there, please share?

Thank you. It’s the members on this site I look to for such advice:)

Have a great one!

You don’t need a program, start now.

Priority #1: Diet.
Everyone has a preference. Mine is to control carbs. Cut out al carbs except immediately pre, during or post workout. Don’t overdo it there either. All meals have lean protein and veggies, no processed crap. Don’t cheat diet or your whole effort is ruined. This is not rocket science, don’t overthink it.

Priority #2: Diet.
Don’t fuck it up.

Priority #3: Diet
Really, don’t fuck it up.

Priority #4: Workouts
Superset everything, even your main compound work. You won’t die. Build your work capacity. Add in cardio. Doesn’t matter what, just do it.

Not rocket science. Just be consistent with Diet. If you’re hungry, eat a clean protein source.

It’s going to suck, but anything worth achieving that’s great sucks.


Those instructions are simple enough.
When in relation to meals and weights do you recommend cardio? I frickin hate cardio so yeh, it’ll suck.

My diet changes won’t be difficult but the not fucking it up part could be. I typically eat the following:

0900-Breakfast: 25-50g metabolic Drive w/creatine & HMB added
1200-post workout PBJ on white bread
1800-25mg metabolic Drive
2200-25g metabolic Drive

I drink 1.5-2.0ga water/day.
Only “supplements” are
600mg vitamins B12
1200mcg Vitamin D3
400mg Vitamin B6

If I ever eat anything else, it may be a bag of popcorn, like twice a month.

I realize I need to get veggies added to this. And probably a few pounds of chicken breast. My protein intake ain’t high enough-needs doubled.

I also drink 4-8 cups of coffee/day.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll add the frickin cardio and protein& veggies, likely sauerkraut.

I’m an extremist, so I don’t like the PBJ. That’s processed crap. You could choose something healthier there. Canned tuna or chicken breast and rice or fruit.

Yes you need veggies. They will help you stay satiated too. Dieting sucks, help yourself be successful.

Cardio anytime. Dont overthink it. Any cardio is good cardio.

Am I reading that correctly?

4 scoops of protein and a PB and Jelly sandwich?

No food? Just protein powder and a kid’s snack?

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Yep pretty much.

Edit: Not a kids size sandwich I make. Kids do like PBJ, but I’d never give a kid one the size I make the things. Think 1/4 cup PB and 1/8 cup preserves. That’s right, cups not tablespoons. Hey, it’s all the real food I’ve been eating lately!

You have to do better if you want to reach your goals.

I don’t mind all the protein powder. But have loads of veggies with it.

Eat at least one real food meal a day.

Chicken/rice or fruit and heaps of veggies.

Why would you choose to eat protein powder and PB&J sandwiches as your calorie sources unless you have no other option? That seems like what you might eat if you holed up in a bomb shelter with no other food.

How about:
Broccoli, greens, veggies, whole raw nuts, meats, rice, and fresh fruits as staples? Then, if you’re on the road or short on time, have a whey protein shake and/or PB&J to fill in the gaps. I don’t see how you can possibly look healthy and feel good on what you’re eating. Especially at 35+, your physique, appearance (skin, hair, eyes), and performance will be affected by your poor diet choices.

Thx for the input. I’m discussing food items from the grocery with my missus.

In answer to your question: because it’s so easy to prepare. I’ve lived on MRE’s (and worse) and honestly don’t mind it. In order to drop the 150+ lbs I have dropped, I went back to that mode of eating and am finding it challenging to eat “normal” food.
It’s kind of an aversion I’ve developed I guess. However, I do like the sort of food you listed and intend to switch things up.

So thx again :slight_smile:

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I dont have particular recommendations but I would be interested in your progress and updates on this forum, pretty interesting to follow given your age, condition and history.

Haha wow, reminded me of this I saw recently, some peoples bodies are wired to respond well to crappy/strange habits…

Anyway as others said above start off just adding salads/vegetables(especially green) to one ‘feed’ a day/

Ideally far down the line best shoot for something like this…

[quote{I dont have particular recommendations but I would be interested in your progress and updates on this forum, pretty interesting to follow given your age, condition and history.[/quote]

K yeh, be glad to update things and share the journey:). Am guessing I can get adjustment suggestions that way too.

Yup, now I just need an old dude sport to take over ha!

I bookmarked the 100 carb article and thanks for that!

I intend to have the missus put green stuff and chicken breast, etc on the next grocery order, which brings up an item of interest:

She had historically procrastinated grocery shopping to death. That ended up bad on many levels we don’t need to cover here. But last time we discovered the PERFECT way to get groceries:
She uses an app to pick what she wants from Kroger, pays, then picks a pickup time. I go, call when I get to the pickup area, they load it, go over any substitutions, shut my trunk and the entire trip takes me 30 minutes.
This beats the hell out of spending days getting motivated for me to take her and then sit in their cafe area for 90-120+ minutes waiting on her to get anxiety ridden going through the aisles! She goes almost nowhere except work without me escorting her and we both prefer it that way so this “ordering” groceries is a Godsend !

Now, should I see about her getting a before picture for this thread or ya want me to keep my ugly out of it?

Ya all take care & thanks again !

–Edit- Add:
I just mentioned the grocery stuff and was informed we have chicken breast in the freezer - Score!

Adjustment today:

Just a note:
Instead of waiting till post workout, I got my PBJ with the protein/creatine this morning.

I also located and prepared chicken breast last night so it’s there when I feel like eating later

What do u guys eat for pre-workout?

Added 10 minutes in stationary bike ore-workout today. I hate it but will keep doing the crap, and will add time as I go. May even do it post-workout till my deadline date for good measure.
The pedals spin wayyy to easy so I need to figure out how to put it on a “hill mode” or something. Alternatively, I have an elliptical (yuck) machine here at the house that I buck up and use. Probably not but is an option.

I ate the PBJ this morning if I’d not mentioned it.
My missus made some cheese stick things that HAD to be tried out today too. Will have to warn her off of making things when she mentions it next time. Maybe. Oh ok, toooo much starch in the bread. But damn my woman can cook!

Cardio doesn’t have to be 30min of boring ass bike/treadmill/elliptical. Try kettlebell circuits, barbell complexes, loaded carries, prowler/sled work or getting outside to do something enjoyable that get your heart beating.

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I did some farmer’s walks with dumbbells. That count?

Do the cardio post workout -the broscience is that it clears out the fat you’ve just loosened up with the workout , low resistance/keep heart rate under 60%, no higher

farmers walks good stuff also to end weights section of training


K will do that, but if it screws things up…

I’d read the farmer’s walk was good pre or post…I like it to get the blood going before my main exercises. Just need to get another set of straps cause mine went MIA somehow. At present, due to a bad dominant hand, my grip gives out well before anything else…

Thx for the input Rampant one

Depends. Did you sweat? Did you heart rate go up? Where you out of breath?

If not than either increase distance, increase weight and/or increase reps.

If you feel it’s more of a back and grip workout than conditioning, than drop down and do a few Push-ups (on your dumbbells) at the half way point of your walk. To make it even tougher, after you stand up with your dumbbells, hoist them up and do a press. Walk back to start with DB’s on your shoulders.

Treat your conditioning exercises as high intensity. And as @RampantBadger says, than go do your 10-20 min low intensity bike ride. The 1st 5min should go by in a blur as you try to regain your breath and composure.

Yes sweat and heart rate. Not out of breath.

I like the hoist and carry idea. Not sure how I’ll do with the Press but will give it a shot.
Thank you. [quote=“Irishman92, post:19, topic:231996”]
Treat your conditioning exercises as high intensity. And as @RampantBadger says, than go do your 10-20 min low intensity bike ride. The 1st 5min should go by in a blur as you try to regain your breath and composure.

K will do.

These are both awesome replies and suggestions. Totally appreciate it ya all