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How To Get Rid of Cellulite?

Hey all,

Any of you have or had cellulite (the excess fat aka cottage cheese thighs) and know an affective way to reduce or get rid of it?

Nope never had any. Just felt bad that the thread was sitting here all alone.
The method that I have heard of working though is to reduce the size of the cells by burning calories through cardio and lifting weights(oxygen debt), and restricting caloric intake to less than caloric output.
John Berardi has written some great plans for this, as has Chris Shuggart and Lonnie Lowrie.
Check out the archives.

Are you a male or female? Because the “getting rid of cellulite” methods are different for the two.
I have the same problem (I’m a male), and CT told me that in males, cellulite is a sign of high levels of estrogen. To reduce cellulite in males, you need a product called “yohimbe.”
I’m not completely certain, but I think that Biotest’s “M: anti-estrogen, Testosterone-support formula” does the trick as well. You can ask around on that thread.

I might be far off here but wouldn’t losing fat be the best way to get rid of it? Isn’t it just fat under the skin?

My wife has some on her upper legs and since she has been lifting and eating a little better there is a vast improvement.


I’m a male and a former fat boy and I got great results in dieting, exercise, and lifting with the right supplementation (including M). It’s been about a year and a half where I got to exactly where I am now (about 12% bf) and I can still feel the cellulite around my inner thighs and my lower ab area. I don’t think it’s just namely fat but more complex than that. Can someone please elaborate?

Cellulite is different from normal bodyfat. I think many people think they have cellulite, when it’s just normal fat. Real cellulite is caused by stretching the fiber compartments that connect skin to underlying tissues. This fiber breakdown cannot, as far as I know, be corrected. Additionally, from what I have read, the predisposition to have this kind of breakdown is genetic. Many people find that even after reaching low levels of bodyfat, they still have “cellulite.” This is consistent with the idea that the appearance is caused by the breakdown of skin tissues, and not fat itself.

On the other hand, storing fat in the hip and thigh area may be directly related to estrogen levels. One T-Nation contributor had liposuction in his hips, and noted that his estrogen levels went down following the surgery… so the causality arrow is ambiguously pointed, we could say. I think the contributor was Brock Strasser, btw, but I am not 100% sure.

Good luck, and I hope I’ve helped. You might want to do a google image search for cellulite to determine if you really have cellulite, or if it’s just normal fat.