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How to Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Hello Everyone,

I want to get a proper guideline to get rid of belly fat. Can anyone help me?
I also need a proper diet chart.

Your advice is greatly appreciate.
Thank you in advance.

Proper food intake (notice I didn’t say diet).

Proper program.

What’s a diet chart?

Better details would help. Height, weight, body comp (Not BF%).

How many articles on this site have you read?

Lots more where this came from.


The 21 day squat challenge and a high protein, low carb diet worked best for me, but there are so many articles on this site about weight loss it could make you dizzy.

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I meant what to eat when I am in a program to lose body fat?

Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: 85 KG

I did not count how many article I read but I read quite good amount.
Currently I am on the article which you suggested.

All right. Good start. You can’t go wrong following Miyaki and/or Lowery.

bad news, you don’t need to loose fat. You need to fill up with muscle. The fat loss will come, don’t worry.

2500 calories a day is a good start.

What did you eat yesterday and what program are you following?

And again, what is a diet chart?

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Sit ups
All the sit ups

Making a joke?

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Eat less. Not so little that you can’t function or train effectively to gain muscle (because that’ll stop you losing too much muscle) but little enough that your body has no choice but to use its fat reserves. Train with high intensity and higher frequency.

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Please help me.
I want get rid of extra pounds, my target is to lose 30 pounds.
Here is my diet, morning i take ham burger.
Afternoon i eat sandwich with peanut butter.
Night I eat mixed vegetable salad with a slice of bacon. I am following a low calorie diet.

This is prescribed by your dietician?

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I eat white rice, vegetable, meat/fish.

Ok will try that as well.

JFG by the way do I need to eat less?

Less then what?

I eat like more then 300 Gram of rice, with this 150-200 grams of vegetable & 200 grams of meat or fish. Sometimes I do eat more. So is it possible to know that what will be the best for me?

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Thank you… :slight_smile: