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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars?

I am 19 years old I am having some problems with acne scars on his back and grows on the surface. Is there any way negate acne scars at home.

Don’t get them other than that i don’t know lol don’t rip them off or cut them or pop them I guess just let it heal normal

My old German grandmother used to always tell me to soak a cotton ball in organic milk and dap it on the scars and to lotionize the skin. Lotionizing my arms helped with stretch marks, which are kind of like scars. I have no idea what the milk does, just something i was told my whole child hood

I am having the same problem here on my back. I had my dermatologist look at them and basically said to never touch or pick at them (pimples/acne) no matter what and to use proactive advanced dark spot corrective serum. Used it but did not work that well. All depends on how severe it is. For scarring basically there’s not much you can do but to get them treated with lasers which I plan on doing. Kinda sucks but its worth it. Can be kind of expensive depending on your insurance but if it is severe enough I would recommend.

Neither are magic cures but applying a very light oil-free moisturiser every other day and drinking a ton of water on an empty stomach/through out the day can help