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How to Get Ready for a Shoot ASAP


Hi all

I am a long time lurker and have learnt a heap from this site and its contributors. I would be very grateful for some advice on last minute prep for a sports photo shoot/video. I am a sprinter, so do a lot of strength work for that. I am a huge fan of the strength sports (and treasure my MILO subscription etc) and love watching bodybuilding contests.

I have been given the chance to try out for a shoot for which they want an actual sprinter, rather than a pro fitness model (try out is in 5 days time). I haven't been training/dieting for this, so obviously I can't get anywhere near contest shape. But a bit of advice on how I might sharpen up as much as possible would be great. I know the bb community is the only one that can help me here!!

Where am I at now. I weigh 190 at about 5ft7, my best estimate from the John Meadow's pictures is that I am at about 12% bf. I have proportionately big wheels and glutes, pretty underdeveloped upper body. Not that I can change development know. I know that I can't make big changes in that short a time, I would just like to try to cut down as much as possible.

Currently I eat whenever I feel like (although I eat pretty good food), so you are starting from a LOW baseline. Perhaps if I get some advice for what to do I can try to take some photos to document.

Thanks again



Look up 6 days til shredded on this site.


I don't really think that something like 6 days to shredded would do much for him if he's really at 12 percent body fat, manipulating water/carbs/sodium can only do so much, and is pretty questionable for naturals anyway even at contest leanness


Probably not but he's only got 5 days until the shoot so its better than nothing.


With all due respect, I disagree. I'm not very lean but whenever I diet hard a cheat meal will have a very large impact on the way I look the next day. Same goes for whenever I get dehydrated for some reason. So, while I agree that that the impact of these methods is highly dependent on one's leanness, I believe that a natural, fairly lean trainee can benefit from them.


Definitely man! I'm not disputing that a cheat meal or large carb refeed can have a positive impact on appearance..I was more referring to the practice of water and sodium manipulating for natty bodybuilding contests. I believe it's not worth the effort, and can more often make a competitor look worse. You can't fool your body for long; it'll balance out water/sodium levels. When competitors complain that they were "holding water" or bloated, its more often than not that they just flat out weren't lean enough


Thank you all for your replies and that reference. A really interesting read. I have followed it exactly for a day - geez 50g of carbs is tough! And I've only done it for one day... I can only imagine the discipline and toughness to get competition ready. So I find out in 5 days if they will go ahead, then there is 4 weeks to get ready. So I will try to go very low carb for the next few days and try to follow the hydration advice. Lets hope it gets me looking a little better than I do now!

It is very interesting hearing your opinions on all this stuff. When I find out if I have the job I will probably have a couple more questions about some basic stuff on diet and training etc. Thanks again!


Bottom line is that it can't hurt. Worse case scenario is he looks just as good as he looks now, albeit maybe closer to how he would look first thing out of bed in the AM when most folks find themselves just a tad tighter than usual.

Good luck.



This could turn out to be a very interesting thread if you get it and have 4 weeks for the shoot, would be tough but interesting to see the best package you could create in that short period of time.


I apologize if my posts came off as negative, OP. I agree that it's definitely worth a shot, good luck to you!


no didn't come off negative at all. appreciate the opinions. lets see how i go over the weekend - if things go well on monday yeah i will try to take some pics and see what can be done in 4 weeks. thanks again.


amphetamine 6hrs pre shoot.. srs.. kinda..


You might want to rethink that post my man, considering that you train people professionally.


6 hours? Everyday and don't eat til the day of