How to Get Pumped Up?

I need some motivation images to put in my head before I go in the squat rack. Anybody got ideas please tell. Im an ex football play so I use pre-kick on kick-off to get me amped up currently. I try to put myself back in the moment in my mind. Who else add’s this kind of mental aspect to their training ?

Check out some Ronnie Coleman video’s…He says some pretty good stuff.

I always try to imagine the bar blasting through the roof. Benching, pressing, squatting whatever… Forcing the bar beyond where it would normally end in an explosive movement. Just dont let go of bloody thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Before heading to the squat rack, here’s a good video you might like:

Having a training partner like the guy at ~7.20 would be great. That’s also one of my favorite parts of the video.

Here’s one for leg day:

I’ve actually thought of moments in a few comic books at times. Yes, Childish I know, but there are some great ‘indominable superhuman will’ moments in Batman comics -lol