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How to Get Paul Carter’s Book “Inception”?


Does anyone have a link to get Paul Carter’s beginner book “Inception”? I went to his website for it, but the link didn’t work.


You need to trick him into falling asleep, put a sleep device in his ear, and follow him into a dream within a dream within a dream, which is just an endless recurring nightmare where he can’t BTN Press the bar, and convince him that it’s HIS idea to give you his ebook for free.


Is he trying and he’s not strong enough, or is he just not allowed? Or does he go to do it and inexplicably keeps bringing it in front of his head instead.

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He’s 100% not strong enough, and a scrawny gym nerd next to him keeps telling him he needs to do more volume.


I’m so lost…


I really hope you’ve seen the movie Inception or this was all for naught.


I do now. It was early before the pot of coffee. LOL

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Hey Paul,

Is there a place to get Strength Life Legacy that isn’t a Kindle edition? I’ve looked around and it seems to be the only option I can find.


No anymore. Sorry my man.


Balls. Thanks for the reply though!

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