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How to Get Online Coaching?

Hi Christian

How can i buy a online choaching from you?

Regards Mario

He has a website called Thibarmy.

I know, thx. But then the choaching could also be from other thibarmy stuff or not?

The online coaching is either done by myself or my top coach, a guy who has been working for me for 13 years, who has given seminars with me and who was featured in the T-nation exercise video library. But I oversee all the program designs.

With the volume of clients I have, I cannot do it by myself and do a good job at personalizing the programs and offering full support.

However, the more complex question are always answered by me. I also do pretty much all the “performance” plans whereas Stef does more of the body composition plans (he is much better than I do with nutrition, supplements and bodybuilding prep).

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Hey Coach ,

Can you also provide some guidance and help if I have an adrenergic Receptor problem through the online coaching by providing me with a plan for recovery to keep me training is this service available since I did go through the Online Coaching and read that you dive in depth with the clients concerning there Neurotype To achieve optimum levels of progress and guiding them through there goals


Absolutely, we’ve done that with many clients (burning out issues). We also conduct the neurotyping test and adjust the training and diet accordingly.

Is it possible to work with either you or Stef solely on a supplement protocol? Something more personalized that the neurotype 2A nutrition program which I have already purchased.

If so, can you please advise how to begin that process?

Thank you.

Maybe sign up for one of his boot camps? You get personal attention and all those specific questions answered, but the base program is universal across the whole camp so the financial commitment is a little less than 1:1 coaching

Yes, in that case you go with the “nutrition” option only

That is great Coach I will be looking forward on Jumping for the online Coaching when I am back from Vacation since I really need the Guidance and reliability.

Thank you Coach CT

That sounds great.

One additional question:

Is there any resource or option available where I can learn how to apply the Omni-contraction system to more general population clients?

I have taken the online course. I have scoured the tnation forums, of which you have been very generous in sharing the layouts of training days and a plethora of information.

My question lies in the periodization and application of the different methods discussed in the course and online, for general population clients, seeking strength and body composition results vs. that of athletes.

Send me an email at chris@ballisticmanagement.com and I will send you the updated material, which includes adaptations to various training splits more useful for gen pop.

To go deeper you can book a skype call with me and we can discuss it.

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That is amazing and immensely appreciated! Thank you!