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How to Get Muscle?


Hello mate,

I am new member into this community. I would like to get muscle. But don’t know exactly what should I do? Could someone guide me about bodybuilding?

Thank you!

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start reading articles on this site. the forums are for when you have specific questions. Asking for an entire bodybuilding routine, PARTICULARLY without telling us anything about yourself, will get you nowhere.

That being said, there is a program called 5/3/1 that I favor for just about anyone. Google it, read about it on here, and read about Jim Wendler, the guy who created it. You can also download the e-book that lays out the program in detail.

Best of luck.


Thank you so much guy for your reply. I am also thinking to do the same. Also the method you shared here 5/3/1 is really effective though. I will surely try …


You are new and have almost no clue what to do. Its a beautiful journey to go through if you stick with it! Good to be new because almost anything you do will get you some good gains. (With good nutrition) focus on the main movements. Bench press. Squats. Deadlifts. Make sure you are eating a caloric surplus. Aka 200-500 more calories than your lean body mass. Youre not gonna see dramatic results first month. But i promise if you keep studying on forums and youtube your life will change. DONT GIVE UP! Good luck!