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How to Get Maximum Benefit?

is there a proper way to max? and what day should i do it if i workout MWF

Work up in bits. So lets say you want to to get 405x1 for you deadlift. This is what I would do:


Basically you want to manage your fatigue so by the time you hit your max weight, your body is ready to do it.

If you do MWF it really depends how the other days are setup and what lift you are doing.
For example if you want to max out on your bench on Friday, but you do a shit ton of dips, push ups, and overhead pressing on Wednesday, then it’s probably really not best to max out on bench on Friday. I would say if you want to max out on Fridays, then make sure on Wednesday workout do you manage your volume because you know on Friday you are going to go all out.

This is what’s worked for me in the past. Fridays are always my set a PR of some kind for squats.

Don’t. It’s that simple. Unless you’re a powerlifter or strongman there is absolutely no need to max, and even then it isn’t a great idea. Occasionally there’s no harm in working up to the heaviest weight you can while maintaining speed and technique but that’s very different from maxing.


GOOD advice is always worth repeating.


A triple is the heaviest I would ever go, and it probably wouldn’t be a true 3RM. Maybe like a 3.5RM

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There is no reason to truly max out.

But like @MarkKO stated, if that is your definition of a max out then have at it.

Heavy 3’s or 5’s is the what I would do instead.

If you can lift a weight 3 times for 300lbs cleanly, then basic math says that your 1RM will be much higher than 300lbs.

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Used to max out all the time, it was a huge mistake.

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You don’t really want to tire yourself out while going for a max attempt, so most everything you do before said max attempt should be warm-up and ramping sets to get you ready for the max attempt.

Suppose your squat max goal is 315lb or some such-

So regular warm-up, which really shouldn’t tire you out.
Ramp up to ~70-75% your max however you like. Again, should be getting you ready for the max attempt and nothing more.
Then aim to hit the max attempt in 2-3 sets at most from there. Why bother tiring yourself out if your entire goal is to max?

What day should you do it?

Don’t max or even come close to max on a frequent basis. It probably won’t get you anywhere besides getting closer to being injured/leaving your body open to some physical ailment somewhere down the road.

Rep maxes, on the other hand… Are I believe the closest a person can get to willingly torturing themselves for some benefit.

And I believe you should do these frequently.

Provided that you have solid faith in your form and ability to handle whatever weight you’re moving.

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i agree with usmccds423. i did that too, and i fooked my lower back and i couldnt train or tie my shoes for 5 months.

maxing just isnt a matter of what day of the week…it involves, a base of lifting and a build up to a max…what have you done so far…??