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How to Get Max Reps w/ 225 Bench?


I have reached my goal of 1RM on the bench of 225lbs. I am comfortable with this max and am now looking to build a training system to work on how many times I can rep 225lbs. If you are familiar it is the same idea as what incoming NFL athletes do during the predraft workouts. As a big sports fan this is my goal. I would appreciate any good information you have on a chest workout to attain these higher reps with 225lbs.


Not sure about specific programmes, but Dave Tate wrote an article with a lot of tips for performing that test.


So you don't want to be able to bench more than 225 but you want to bench 225 a lot of times?

Do you see the logical inconsistency?




I don't see where he said that he didn't want to be able to bench more. Just wanted to argue???


Anwyays, OP, it would probably help if you did your own research, then proposed the method here to gather some of these guys' thoughts on it. Looking back at it, it is kind of a bb.com question, so that explains the silliness you encountered and may continue to encounter.


Dave's article seems more suited for tips for someone who can already do 225 AT LEAST 10 times. So if I were you, I'd get your max up north of 300 first.


What else do you in addition to bench? As a big sports fan I'm sure you know those guys do more than a flat bar press. Generally when a lifter gets stronger, they get stronger from top to bottom, not just on a specific movement. % based programs work best IMO......Wendler's 5-3-1 is very popular right now. Good basic program, built on principals that have stood the test of time, and produces measurable results.


"I have reached my goal of 1RM on the bench of 225lbs. I am comfortable with this max and am now looking to build a training system to work on how many times I can rep 225lbs."

This implied to me that the OP didn't think he needed to get his bench any higher. I think that notion is absurd. I think the OP should add 100 pounds to his bench, then notice how many more reps he can get with 225.


Exactly. Get stronger period.


I remember I wanted to do 135 for 10, then 185 for 10, then 225 for 10. Each time the way I ultimately got there was by increasing 1 rep max. In the case of the 225 that was around 300 (303 in competition to be exact). Continue to work on increasing maximum strength and you will achieve your goal. Keep in mind, if you are like me which is fairly average (not super fast twitch) then as a rough rule of thumb 75% or so of your 1RM should leave you in the 10-15 range.


what have ur sets and reps been to get where u are now? where do you feel your weakest point of the bench press is?




Try Defranco https://www.defrancostraining.com/store/home.php


Considering you can only do 225 for one, you just plain need to get stronger. Up to a point, your 225RM will increase along with your 1RM without any specific training.


what the fuck does being a fan of TV sports have to do with your own goals ?

lame as hell ....basing ones goals on tv bullshit

but I guess it's better than no goal at all


I don't think the OP meant that he didn't want to have a higher 1RM; he was simply stating that his goal now is to increase his 225-lb BP. It would indeed be absurd to not want a higher 1RM but instead be able to rep one's 1RM (contradiction of terms, in this case); therefore, it seems absurd that some of you interpreted it this way.


Thank you guys for the different pieces of information. I know that increasing my reps at 225 will mean I am getting stronger and will have a higher 1RM but I am not overly concerned with that aspect of it.

Also, in response to some of the other posts, it sounds like some people do not appreciate/accept my reasoning for wanting to rep the 225 and that is fine. It is just my goal right now and it is keeping me happy so it is working very well. Hopefully you are achieving whatever your goal is and it is doing the same for you.
Plifter thank you for your response as well because it does sound very similar to me and just being able to hear the words from someone coming from the same body stature helps.
I was also asked what my sets and reps were that got me here. Well many things over time but the most recent workout plan I have been following is through a MuscleMag magazine in which it put together a 5 day workout plan. For the chest days it started with:
-incline dumbbells 6x10 (2wks), 8x10 (2wks)
-smith bench 2x10 (2wks), 3x10 (2wks)
-decline flys 2x10 (2wks), 2x10 (2wks)
-cable crossovers 2x10 (2wks), 2x10 (2wks)
(then some tricept excercises)
-french press 6x10 (2wks), 8x10 (2wks)
-cable pressdowns 2x10 (2wks), 2x10 (2wks) (i was on and off with this workout)
-kickbacks 2x10 (2wks), 3x10 (2wks)
Once again guys, thank you for the information and I will be looking through it and trying to maximize no knowledge from it.


yeah. get your 1RM to 315, and i bet you'll be able to do a whole bunch of reps with 225.


Yep, I think I could do 225 for 13 reps when my 1RM was 315.