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How to Get Leg Hypertrophy from Exercise Bike?

Which would result in more leg hypertrophy: pedaling an exercise bike with friction or magnetic resistance with the resistance set very high so it is very difficult to pedal and cadence is a slow grind or pedaling an exercise bike with fan resistance where the resistance increases the faster and more explosively you pedal? Thanks.

First I will say that while you can get some hypertrophy stimulation from a stationary bike, the potential is really limited because there is no muscle damage and next to no mTOR activation. The only way to get growth from the stationary bike is to maximize lactate/growth factor release and create a large amount of muscle fiber fatigue while staying in the proper intensity zone.

I personally would prefer the slower grind action. The air bike is likely better for conditioning and energy system work but because you have to go so fast to get a high resistance, you will get winded/trashed before you get a maximum muscle stimulation; with the slower grind you can focus mostly on the muscles and take the energy systems out of the equation,

But once again, if you use the resistance bike as your only or main stimulus for hypertrophy, don’t expect a lot of growth unless you are a complete beginner to training.

Thank you so very much for your response. I sometimes like to blast my quads by pedaling against stiff resistance for as long as I can --usually about 30-45 seconds, resting and repeating. I then tried a Concept2 BikeErg with fan resistance and felt a similar sensation in my quads with sets lasting about 45 seconds of all out sprinting before I would have to rest due to leg fatigue as much as being winded. I do this for variety and to give my back a rest from squating. The reason I asked this question is I am trying to make a decision on an exercise bike for the house and while I sometimes ride for longer stretches for conditioning I also like to use a bike as I described for short burst intervals almost as an occasional squat substitute. So the dilemna is between this Concept2 BikeErg with fan resistance or a bike with magnetic resistance. Thanks again, and I LOVE your videos on youtube!