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How to Get Laid at 13



Heard about this kid yesterday on the radio. I'm sure he'll get signed by somebody. Either way he probably finger banged every chick in the crowd.


I'm sure I'm not the only one who thought this was another Justin Bieber thread.


This will get you laid at 13 alright, but then he never calls and your parents don't let you go to that "arts camp" anymore...




fuck that kid!!! he should be miserable and sexless like me. GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!


Hm, I don't even know who that dude is, except apparently he has trouble answering simple questions involving the word "german".

Anyway, this kid is very talented, IMHO. I actually like the song, too, and I'm pretty much a metal head. ... do I like Lady Gaga? Uh-oh.


No jailbait pics? I'm disappointed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Squats and milk.


Pretty good IMO 1.3 million views on youtube is solid, not even a month old.



honestly I think this is crap. Whenever some guy pull out the little passionate/raunchy voice with tremelo it seems that everyone thinks it's good


Because MJ did it. And he's not bad, he could use some work and some smokes, but besides that he is far from bad.


This reminds me of the idiotic comments people leave on lifting videos on youtube. Just sayin'.


that blonde totally wants him, lol

the rest looked bored


He is singing Lady GaGa at 13.

He is clearly gay.


He'll be embarassed about this when he's older, and it takes more than a good voice to make it in the music industry these days.


lol I am sorry if you were moved by this performance


What do you expect? Most people on this board listen to metal and cringe when lady gaga is on the radio when we're trying to lift slag iron lol


Here is a piano cover worth watching.

check out the rest of her songs, she has tons, and they are all amazing.


I would hit her