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How to Get Labs Done?


I've read the stickies and have not found an answer to this noob question, so please bare with me.

How do I go about getting labs done if I do not have a primary care physician in my city? In my last city I went to my GP with my concerns (about 2 years ago) and asked for a full hormone panel. What he ordered was total testosterone and very basic bloodworkâ?¦ nothing useful. I want to avoid that happening again.

I recently called an anti-aging doc who offered a comprehensive panel, but the cost for the initial panel and first consultation would be $850 and I was told that insurance would be unlikely to pay for any of it. Should I just go to an endocrinologist with a list of the tests I want done? Whats my first step here.

I'm in Chicago if anyone has any specific recommendations. Thanks in advance.


LEF.org had products | blood testing.
You can do that in most US States.
Go to labcorp.com and see if there is blood draw station near you.


Healthonelabs also uses labcorp and they've got a new package for $69.75.

It includes.......

Testosterone, Total and Free
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
Luteinizing Hormone (LH)
Metabolic Panel
Complete Blood Count

It's listed as a female hormone package but if you fill in Male in the order, Labcorp will give you male ranges.


Privatemdlabs.com, they have a coupon and you can get a CBC with hormone panel for $52.

I'm in Chicago as well, they use LabCorp to do the testing so there are locations everywhere.

If you do decide to use privatemdlabs, sign up for the Female Hormone panel. It has everything you need. The ranges will be correct as you choose your sex during the registration process. I usually get my requisition papers the same day and test results within 48 hours.

If you want to explore TRT and need a doc's name, let me know.


Thanks for your help guys. I really appreciate it. The only difference between the privatemdlabs and healthonelabs female hormone panel seem to be that the healthonelabs test includes free testosterone and costs 18 dollars more. Is free testosterone relevant if you know total testosterone and estradiol levels?


Yes, you'll want the one with free T.


Many would say that your free T value is more important that your total T value.


Dr. Panglose, I'd really like your recommendations on a good doctor. I got my labs back, and had a few abnormal results. Namely: low free testosterone of 7.7 pg/mL (9.3- 26.5) and elevated E2 of 30.8 pg/mL (7.6- 42.6). I called a highly-reviewed endo in Chicago to schedule an appointment to discuss these results and order thyroid labs due to many symptoms (see my thread here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/25_yo_with_abnormal_blood_work ) and the endo told me the following things:

  1. Why would you ever order a test from a private lab?
  2. My total test is high so I'm fine.
  3. Free testosterone is irrelevant and no doctor would ever order that test.
  4. "Why would you test for estrogen? Estrogen is for ladies." < DIRECT QUOTE
  5. He won't order a thyroid test for me because he's a specialist. I should get my GP to order a test for TSH ONLY because if anything is wrong with my thyroid, the TSH test will show it. No other test matters. (Note that I don't have a GP).
  6. Waking temperature and body temperature don't matter. Not relevant at all.

Needless to say, I need a different doctor. But if this is the most highly-reviewed guy I could find, I shudder to think of what the worse doctors would be like.

Sorry to have two threads running at once (its not my intention), but if anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.