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How to Get in the Best Shape Posssible?


in everyones opinion, how do you put yourself in the best shape you can possibly be in?
i heard lots of ways. heres one, but it seems like you have to live in a cold climate.
i heard x-country sking. you work the upper body and lower body very very hard..

i heard runners say running is the best way to get super fit. then i heard some say runners are just running fit, as they couldnt bench press their bodyweight, or carry a sand bag 1/4 mile without straining themselves. too specific fit. now a sprinter, he's running fit, and lifts for the expolsive start is , i imagine, fitter overall than the distance runner.

strongman training looks very hard, but marizus p. proved how really unfit the strongmen are. he backed off the strongman traing and trained mixed martial arts and fought some dude and was gassed big time in 5 minutes. so strong man training may be hard, carring a car for 30 seconds, really getting the heart rate up, but it proves that all the 30 second efforts in strongman do nothing for a 5 minute fight.

how and the hell would he do in a 10 mile run??? take a week..
what about the tour de france guys. riding balls to the wall for 4-5 hours a day. heart rate at near max the last 2 hours.but can the deadlift their bodyweight 20 times or do 20 pullups?
then i hear crossfit is an overall way to get super fit.

but you look at the running times and they are super slow for a 5k, i guess thats cause the workouts they do only last 10-20 minutes..
so is crossfit the ideal way to train.dig a wole super fast one day, do pullups and pushups really fast ther next day run the next day..soccer looks very hard sprinting 100 times for 90 minutes.and those guys are built good too.

not like a kenyan distance runner.. american football..hahahaha. linmen are slobs.block for 3 seconds then rest in the huddle for a minute..they are all fat ..cornerbacks and linebackers are built and strong, but lack endurance big time.they run 100 yards on a kickoff and are on the didelines using oxygen.. show that to a runner.. hahahaha..

whats the best way to be good at strength quickness endurance power?? the xfit looks like the best way, but most the workouts are 10-20 minutes long.

that is short for 2 hour bike ride fitness, or a 5 or 10k run..
any pointers .. any ideas..
navy seal training? who's got 24 hours to workout. not me.
that looks the hardest and best way to be overall fit, but i have no ocean to train in and no ropes to climb and only a few hours to train.
thanks for opinions


I am fond of the hourglass shape. For women anyway.
For men I guess a square.
Circles are cool though. I like pie.






There was so much wrong with that I really don't know where to begin
And didn't mariusz win his fight in 45 seconds? I seem to recall....
Actually all of them are a bit silly. It's pointless to criticize the lack of general fitness in athletes who don't train for general fitness (ie: all of them)

All of the athletes you mentioned are fit for their chosen sport. Talk shit about american football players all you want, but can you give an absolute maximal effort for 5 seconds and recover for 20, play after play after play? Because they can. Playing at that pace would make most athletes puke.
See what happens when you tell pudz he can't run a 10k. What does he need to run away from?

Those are the two that irked me the most, anyway. But the rest of them just wouldn't listen, it's not what they care about.

Anyway: if you are after a general high level of fitness, I would focus on fitness qualities and training means that provide the highest level of carryover you can think of to other fitness qualities/modalities. Get some variety in there and some sort of intelligent programming. All of the things you mentioned would probably work well.
If you don't feel like thinking that much, start with something like crossfit, take away the sillier aspects of their programming (or lack thereof- fix that too) and you should be alright


dude, not making fun of anyone's training ways at all. i just said in my post what i see on tv and in person. watch an nfl kickoff team the dude runs one all the way back.. great 100 yeard run. then the next tv shot, he's got oxygen on his face..
he ran 100 yards hard for 12 seconds and he is giving oxygen..
show that to a kenyan or top runner racing a 10k on the track in 90 degree heat at close to world record time..

these dudes jog a lap after their race.. ... but the kenyan cant lift as good as the dude needing oxygen.. thats my point.. train like both maybe??
hell, these athletes are all studs in my book, but i'm just trying to figure out whats the best overall way to train to get the very most out of a 2 hour session..little bit of everything in that 2 hour? endurance and strength, with speed and balance etc. all in the session?

here is the clip of the fight i was talking about.so lifting up a car is impresssive, but apparently the cat and heavy boulder lifting does nothing at all for a hard 5-6 minutes, as proven here. dude, being the best strongman in the world as exhaused in 5-6 minutes.
maybe lift a car for 30 seconds then run a 10k? who knows..
heres the clip


Its funny what some people think about being fit. There is no way you can be excellent on both ends of the spectrum. Its like saying a Ferrari can go 180 mph but a Prius gets better gas mileage. Uh. No shit. Whats your point?

Those who are extremely strong or powerful don't have good endurance if you ask them to go run with a distance runner. Thats pretty much how it works. So the distance runner could say "wow O-Lineman you are really unfit you need to run more" Then the O-Lineman snaps said distance runner in half. "hey distance runner you need to eat and lift more"

When you are talking strongman and O-lineman you are talking MASSIVE amounts of energy expenditure. It has nothing to do with fitness, these guys are so well developed when it comes to power that they can fatigue themselves very quickly.

Conversely, a distance runner would have a very hard time fatiguing himself because he is so pathetic and feeble, with such a weak nervous system that each movement is done using so little energy, he can keep it up.

Here is a better illustration. Comparing an engine used for tractor pulls with a toyota prius engine.

Klimov TV3-117 engine
Maximum power output: 1,640 kW, 2,200 HP

Toyota Prius
Maximum power output: 73 kW, 98 HP

Basically your looking at those numbers, seeing the Klimov engine put out 22 times more power than the Prius, then being surprised the Prius can last longer and go further.

A Prius gets MILES to the Gallon, those tractors USE GALLONS in 300 feet!! Its the same concept.

The best you are going to get is a crossfit-esque model where you are serviceable in everything, but not great at any one thing.


^ I stand corrected there, didn't know he had done a second fight.
You can chalk some of that to poor fight experience, but shadowz presents a good point as well. Strength/Power athletes (and this is a generalization) train themselves to be able to use more of their capacity at once, since it allows them to give one all out effort in competition.

Endurance athletes don't, hence why they can sustain exertion much longer. Both are probably giving a near max effort, but one has trained to increase that max, and the other has trained to increase the time they can spend at max.


Marius is a strong man trying to change sports. Bigger guys tend to have trouble relaxing and gas themselves against more experienced veterans. They havent learned to pace themselves and relax when nothing is happening. Against the fence sylvia is just chillin. So Marius is spending tons of energy pushing him into the fence which is accomplishing nothing and sylvia is spending no energy. That gassing is mostly inexperience.

American football linemen being fat... Not so sure you have ever met one in person. The patriots spent 2 weeks training at our facility and I would put the oline's BF at 14%. Sure not ronnie coleman but pretty lean.

Anyway the moral of the story is...

You cannot compare the finess of different sports cause they all require different kinds of fitness. Each athlete is fit relative to their sport requirements.

You want some size, strength, endurance, etc... Look at MMA or Ice Hockey.

The pro hockey players i have seen have VO2max;s in the 60-80 range. Very aerobically fit. I have seen some of them front squat 405, benches are a bit weak... 220-315, Lactate Threshold is through the roof. They tend to have a bit of everything.


And the typical elite 10k running would be taken out of a football game after the first hit, that is if he were able to run fast enough with pads to even be involved in the play.

Trying to be great at everything will cause you to be average at everything.


You really have to define for yourself what you consider "fit". Is being strong the most important? Is being able to go 3, 5 minute rounds in MMA important? Figure out what your goals are, determine where you want to go from there.


Hockey players are very underrated when it comes to "who are the best athletes" questions. Those guys are studs.

If you've got the time and recovery ability, most of the active duty military guys I know do their PT in the morning (calisthenics and a few miles of running) and lift in the evenings. None of them would win a powerlifting meet, a bodybuilding show, or a triathlon, but they put up respectable numbers in all areas and are pretty well built too (no homo)


From people I know, the "best shape" with a combination of strength, lean mass, and conditioning are college Butterfly swimmers, especially if they are sprinters. There aren't many people that can be 6'1", 220 pounds with a 28 inch waist. They develop very broad shoulders, large chests, large triceps and lats. They do however lack bicep development, traps, and leg size.