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How to Get Help without Breaking the Rules?

I have been a member and a.s user for several years now and I have a source who is local that I use. But he currently does not have the product that I need… who do I speak with?.. mods or vets…etc… about obtaining a reliable online source.

I am not asking people to just I.M with random sources I just want to know the best way to go about obtaining the for mentioned information without getting scammed and without upsetting the members and mods of this board.

Also you may all notice that I have only about 6o something posts in the past 2 and half years… I read on this site as well as a lot of others to get info and bounce ideas and advice i have heard back forth because I personally feel knowledgeable enough to make my own choices but I do not give much feedback to others on this board because i do not feel comfortable with giving people information about a topic that i myself don’t fully understand…a

WAAAAAAAY to be subtle there sweet heart!!!