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How to get gf interested in working out

Well here I am always working out and watching my diet when I notice that my gf is gaining some pounds. Her height is maybe 5’6" or so. She has a double d tits to that are real. She used to weigh 128 pounds, but now she weighs I think 148. Like I dont really want to just blurt out you need to loose weight and get in shape cause that would not be a good idea. She kinda cares about herself. Like she noticed she has been getting bigger and does not like it, but she hasnt really been doin anything about it. What are some things I could do to get her on track. Should I kinda glance at other girls that are in shape and maybe she will get a hint or is that wrong. I dont know. Any help would be great

like, why dont you tell her that you think it would be hella cool if you guys could like train together or something. maybe she’ll sorta be into it, and that would like be a good idea i think. oh, and like be careful dude cuz her double d’s might link shrivel up to nothing if she loses to much weight, and then youll be even more upset bra.

Honesty is the best policy. 20 lb is a lot of weight to gain.

Tell her working out together would be a good chance for some quality time to bond! Leave out (dare I say) muscle and fitness magazines. Watch movies with actors who are in great shape, put ideas in her head every way you can. And if all else fails, tell her your not sexually attracted to her haha. Good luck!

I’ve never found working out together to be a good idea for a young couple. If you’re older and have been married for a while, okay. But if you’re young, it’s tough to separate the workout from the relationship. Generally doesn’t turn out well.

Does she have any idea why she’s been getting fatter? Obviously, all of us know the reason(s), but does she? You might try educating her a bit, and then see if that doesn’t motivate her to get into the gym and get her diet together on her own. Good luck.

Moved out of my parents house at 15 yrs old…5’6", 105# (dressed w/ loggers boots)

So I would walk everywhere and people would fuck with me all the time.

Started with MA’s and weight lifting…haven’t stopped since.

Now that I think about it…people still fuck with me for no reason…what’s up with that?

glancing at other girls…nah that’ll just make her cross her legs for a few days and you’ll hear some bitching. I’d say drag her to the gym, but i find most women wanna “tone and shape”, whatever that means or do what my ex did, buy a gazelle free-style. I’d try maytbe starting a keto diet or something and getting her to do it too. that might work, but then again the female interpetation of diet is different too and usually means some hollywood diet or slimfast bullshit. honesty maybe? could work but it could also turn her into a wreck. My ex also used to go anorexic on me for awhile to the point where i’d come home after work to see her and she’d just be completely lethargic and sick feeling; i’d ask her what she ate and she’d be like, a slice of bread. I mean i would be like your gonna keep a food log or i’m just gonna stay at my place and leave you here cause when you don’t eat you have no energy and aren’t very pleasent to see. and why’d she do all this stuff…cause she thought she was fat.

Dude, just print-out last week’s Atomic Dog by Chris Shugart and give it to her. It’s titled: Merry Christmas Bob. If that doesn’t do the trick, give up and take her “as is” or go find yourself a skinnier chick.

There was a T-mag article a while back that addressed this very issue. It’s called “How to Build a T-vixen” I think. But just a word of warning, motivating a girlfriend is harder than you think. I finally got mine working out, but now there’s the diet issue…

How 'bout you doing something different with her. You know, something that does not entail a visit to a gym. Go outside for walks. Runs. Join a rock climbing gym. Start taking sometype of MA class. Boxing. What’s available at your local community college? Or are you both in school at the moment? If that’s the case, what’s available at your campus? I live by several community centers (one of which is located my boxing gym) - there are always some inexpensive classes there. Show your gf if she’s willing to do something different, you are too.

The gym ain't the only place one can get fit.

dude take the advice from patricia,ladies have better advice when it comes to this.if you are sincere about fitness and well being express this to her and explain the benifits of having muscular development and let her know it helps osteoporosis. oh plus you look good naked…

well I made a step. I got her watching her diet and she is taking a fat burner. I wish the new biotest would come out though. She is taking Xenadrine EFX. I didnt want her taking the RFA yet. I dont really Know what i can do for working out though yet. I dont know if she would be cool with goin to a gym. I know she does like running cause her tits hurt when they bounce. She has Double Ds actually almost bigger. So even when she wears a sports bra they cause some pain. Hopefully watching her diet and the Xenadrine will help some. I was thinking of having her ride a bike. I have a nice gym set up at my house, but working out with her might be weird. I try talking to her about it. Thanx for the ideas guys and girls.