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How to Get Faster For Rugby?

[quote]rmccart1 wrote:
I feel the need to point out that sled dragging should likely be kept to acceleration work (like, 10 meters), as it’ll screw up your motor patterns if you do a lot of volume with it. You’ll end up “muscleing” your runs.[/quote]

This is correct.

[quote]TQB wrote:
As a winger you actually run less during a game than the forwards. (Don’t tell them. They already think you’re a wimp.) Most of your job is positioning yourself and being able to accelerate from 0 to top speed in no time.

So practice for explosive sprints. No more than 90 m at the time;-)[/quote]

I agree. Wingers tend to stand around a lot and then suddenly have to make a run.

Deadlifts. Front squats. short sprints.

Low rep ranges, avoid faliure.

Offseason, have a day with short recoveries on the sprints, and try to swim/cycle occasionally to save your legs.