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How to Get Faster For Rugby?

I recently took up rugby and my club has a shortage of wingers so they played me there and obviusly the most important part of this position is to be quick and score the trys. So i was wondering does anybody know any particular drills to increase speed? Also any other rugby nutrition tips or other excercises to do would be greatly appreciated.

Typically one long run, with sprints and also some hill work if you feel the need works best.

Ie. My schedule

Monday - 3ish miles easy, typically 7-8min. pace
Tuesday - 1.5 miles(shorter, “recovery” run, also my squat day)
Wednesday - 2-3 mile run, hard-timed.
Thursday - Light but FAST mile run if I can manage(Deadlift day)
Friday - Rest(Hammies too drained from deads on thurs)
Saturday - Long run - easy pace, but lots of miles…I typically recommend running to a buffet, YOU’LL BE HUNGRY AFTERWARDS!
Sunday - Rest

Heh, anyways that’s just me and I’m also training for the US Marine Corps so you might not want it to be as intense, but I’ve found typically, blasting through ‘shorter runs’ make you faster but running longer allows you to hold that ‘speed’ for longer(ie. as you develop) so I use both.

Hope that makes sense, had to rush it so I can get ready for work.

I would think that running sprints would be your best bet. Look at a short distance runners legs, then look at a long distance runners. Running long distances makes you better at running… long distances. However, running fast sprints, then recover then running again trains you to a)be faster b)recover faster c)make your body use your energy system more efficiently.

Those are my thoughts.

you’re gonna wanna do sprints and long distances. i don’t know the specifics of rugby, but i’m gonna assume it’s like soccer: you run short bursts, but never stop moving.

Do 2 days of like 6 100m sprints, 8 40m sprints, adding 1 every week + 2 other days of like 2-3 miles w/ like a 7:30 pace

sprinting pulling a sled helped me back when I was training for a similar position in paint ball.

A tried and tested technique when I was still in track:

8 Sets
-Power clean, 8x3

5 Sets
-Front squat 8 reps with your 8RM.
-With no rest, do a 100m dash.

3 Sets
-50m sled drag (as fast as you can).

[quote]Ratchet wrote:
sprinting pulling a sled helped me back when I was training for a similar position in paint ball.[/quote]


Anyhow pulling a sled is really good for improving both the power you can maintain during sprinting and the power with which you can start (ie cutting and stuff)

find a track and do 200m sprints and then do 20m shuttle runs.

Rubber band Sprints are great. for an example check out on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6Eyg32W4aE
look at how they do the band sprints. Another way is have somebody creating drag and running with you

I wouldnt waste your time on distance running. As a winger your main asset is pace and endurance isnt really required… as long as you can last the 80 minutes!

In most games you ll be making contributions of around 10-20 seconds either catching a pass, fielding a kick or making a tackle- so train like you ll play. Lots of sprints, some starting from stationary others starting from a jog.

Also hammer the deadlifts as these really work your sprinting muscles.

Thanks for the replies guys. So im guessing i was right in presuming speed is the main asset for a winger but would you recomend any weightlifting regimes to increase strength?

Here is an article that breaks down, by position, high vs low intensity periods in a rugby match. It may be helpful for you to find the right blend of sprinting and jogging in your training.



I played rugby in high school. I played inside/outside center, fullback, and sometimes at 8 man. Our wingers were always fast as hell. I like 2274’s plan. Cleans for explosiveness, sprints for obvious reasons, and the sled if you can get your hands on one.

I would do cleans, box jumps, maybe some jumping squats, sled pulls, and pretty much any thing plyometric and explosive.

I found this link, it may be of some help in coming up with a program:

I play university level rugby and have done for the past 3 years, 1st of which was on the wing. Basically i never even struggled with the endurance element of the game- if your in shape to do the sprints then you ll be in shape to last the game.
The thing id concentrate on is just getting stronger relative to your body weight. Squat and deadlift to get strong, simple as that. Use cleans etc if youve got the form well but theyre not in essential (see WS4SB).
Then sprint focusing on acceleration and top speed in different sessions.
Concentrate on quality so take enough rest.

For speed it is a gd idea to obviously do sprints, try changing from flat 20m sprints to hill sprints. Draging a sled is amazing for speed. Box jumps and explosive squats really help for acceleration. Hope this helps

Keep running miles. That should help your sprinting.

I feel the need to point out that sled dragging should likely be kept to acceleration work (like, 10 meters), as it’ll screw up your motor patterns if you do a lot of volume with it. You’ll end up “muscleing” your runs.

Squats (Back or Front or Box)
Hamstring Exercises (Glute Ham Raises, Stiff Leg Deadlifts, Pull Throughs)
Hill Sprints

do all those and your speed will go up.

Run 50m every 30s for sets of 10. 1-4 sets.

So basically you run for 6-8 secs, recover for 22-24 secs.

Used by test players in top 8 nations. Specifically for outside backs.

As a winger you actually run less during a game than the forwards. (Don’t tell them. They already think you’re a wimp.) Most of your job is positioning yourself and being able to accelerate from 0 to top speed in no time.

So practice for explosive sprints. No more than 90 m at the time;-)