How to get extremely vascular...I just don't get it

My stats: 6’5’', 250 pounds, bf about 10%. Done a few cycles: tren/sust, and tren/winny + T3 and clen. And my diet is in order.
I can’t seem to get vascular!! I do have veins…but not bulging out of my shirt like i want, and no matter what i try i can’t seem to get that look. It’s like my veins run an inch beneath my skin or something. I watch some of my friends…doing a gram of test/week, popping A-50’s like candy, and hitting mcdonalds once a day…their bf around 20%, and they have the veiny look I want SOOOO badly. It pisses me off. Any suggestions from ya’ll?? I’m about to do another tren/winny stack. tren at 75mg/day, winny at 50mg/day like usual…diet in order, like usual…training balls to the wall as usual…hope i get better results (as far a vascularity is concerned) this time around…any suggestions appreciated…

Are you sure you are 10%?
It may be partly genetics but you’ll have to post a pic of yourself for me to say for sure.

Equipoise is supposed to be good for vascularity. Throw some of that in there with the tren and winny, and maybe some test… If you can’t get vascular off that, then I dunno!

im about 14% right now and im relatively vascular. due to the tren i was on. i cant imagine being 10% and not being able to get vascular with tren and winny.

oh btw, ive heard that clen and t-3 can actually cause you to lose that vascualr look. although im not certain on this.

yeah, P22, i just got tested an it was 10% on the nose…like i said, i am veiny…i just don’t have that freaky sick veiny look that i want. i don’t compete, but i do like to look good come summer time. i will probably add some test (750mg/week) to my next tren/winny cyle. i’ve done test/tren and tren/winny quite a bit, but never all 3 together. should be fun…thanks for the replies…

I was vascular/ veiny long before I ever did my first cycle. Like I’ve said before, steroids is just the icing on the cake, it just exentuates what you already have. You may be chasing a look that is genetically unatainable for you.

You’ll have veins on your extremities if your around 10-15% if all else is shped up nicely. To get really vascular on your shoulders and torso you need to kick it down into single digits, and you need to be jacked with no bloat.

I’ve had good success with prop/tren/winny ed.