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How to Get Big Jaw Muscles


We all want to have a well chiseled face and jaw line right??? Well I have a new invention that will do the trick!!! This product will slam your masseter muscles like a son of a gun and you won't even need any steroids (your balls will thank you).

The principle is just like chewing gum. But this product will come in much larger pieces.

Basically it will be like chewing gum but it will be much much much stickier and harder. Like partially digested leather. Like a big ball of leather dipped in tar...or epoxy.

I figure about 10-12 chomps three times a week should do the trick. This product will have your jaws bulging in no time flat!!!

I already have a patent pending so copycats beware.

I was thinking of a name: MassGum? GumMass? Wad-O-Fury?


Squats, milk, and fellatio.




And upside down with bands to keep it varied.


I have noticed that your jaw muscles are looking rather nice lately...


fellatio WITH the massgum?


Yeah, hit a squat PR last week.




I find it disheartening that you people make fun of my invention.

Gives a new meaning to "going green"

Anyway, I will have some info on how to order this product posted soon.


now when you say squat ... is that the position you do your jaw training in or...?


Go back to bb.com. I'm sure your idea will be widely accepted there.

How would sucking dick make your masseter bigger? Do you chew? Never heard of the No Teeth rule?


Well, surely you've gotten a jaw ache from giving head before?


Beef Jerky has already been invented.




So you're saying you've gotten a jaw ache from giving head Rick? Very revealing


Just once... I mean, ah shit.


It's ok, because you were,"experimenting".


And if you didn't swallow, it doesn't count. Oh, wait, that's inhale. Nevermind.


That's just bad manners.


Wad-o-Fury? LMFAO!!!! Seriously? Wad-o-Fury.....fuck me.