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How to Get a Yorkie to Stop Barking?


Right, she’s a great dog. Very loving and playful. The barking is the only issue


Hey! Leave cats out of this!

'ya bastids


Have a cavalier

What works for us is either rattling, or a spray bottle.

So if we shake the keys, he knows that if he doesn’t stop, we will spray him with the spray bottle.
If he continues on barking then it’s usually because his reason is warranted (someone is around or something is happening that isn’t usual)
Mind you we have trained him that way since 8 weeks old so he knows his limitations pretty well and 99% of the time, he is a little saint


I didnt read all of the thread or replies. BUT, when I was a teenager my cousin had wiener dog that would bark every time we tried to sneak out. We use to give him a piece of bread with a shit ton of peanut butter on it. That poor dog would take 20 minutes just trying to open his mouth with all the peanut butter in there.


The next step is when they lose their hearing and instead of shutting up they just bark constantly :+1:


More regular walks and obedience training works wonders! I have a Dalmatian and he was a total arsehole now he’s just a bit of a arsehole


I’ll throw my 2-cents in here. I will also preface everything I’m about to say by stating that my wife has been involved in animal training (mostly dogs, but everything from cats, penguins, lizards and even sea lions) for close to a decade.

As someone else mentioned, all terrier breeds are naturally yappy, so that’s just something you’re going to have to get used to. However, it can obviously be mitigated.

First and foremost, don’t let the dog sleep in your bed. You need to establish that you guys are the bosses, and one way to do that is not letting the dog into your space. The bedroom is your territory, not the dog’s, and by setting a clear boundary you let the dog know that it can’t do whatever it wants and be wherever it wants.

Establishing this boundary leads into my second point; dogs bark as a signal and warning (at least inside a house or apartment or whatever their “den” is) to let stuff know that they’re there, and they’re gonna protect their home. One of my dogs is some kind of shepard mix, and is naturally very, very protective. He barks and clucks at lots of benign sounds. BUT, we’ve established with him that my wife and I are the bosses and head of the family, so now when he barks we get up, check the door or window, then let him know it’s okay. He shuts up immediately, because he thinks, “Oh cool, the bosses aren’t phased, so I can stand down.”

Set some boundaries with your dog to let it know that you guys are the bosses (don’t let it jump on you, don’t feed it if it’s begging, put it on a strict feeding schedule, make sure you have your own spaces where the dog isn’t allowed but you are) and do not back down from those boundaries. If it’s barking at the door/window, back it off from that object and make it known that you’re checking for whatever the “problem” is. Also, by backing the dog away from the door you’re helping to establish that the door is yours, not theirs, and they can’t bark at it whenever they want.

Another thing you can try is teaching the dog to bark on command. Terriers are working dogs and love learning new things. Teaching it that barking on command is a good thing can help prevent it from barking whenever it wants, because if you attach a reward to barking on command, it’ll quickly realize that it doesn’t get anything when it barks outside if your instruction.

As a note on house training your dog, PLEASE do not discipline your dog if they go to the bathroom inside the house. Dogs don’t understand that you’re getting them in trouble for doing it inside, especially if you don’t catch them in the act. All they think is that they’re getting in trouble for doing a certain behaviour. In this case, going to the bathroom. My wife has had to recondition many dogs who were fearful of going to the bathroom AT ALL because owners got them in trouble for going to the bathroom inside, which the dog didn’t understand. PRAISE them heavily when they go to the bathroom OUTSIDE, and don’t make a big deal out of it if the dog goes inside. ESPECIALLY if you don’t see it, because by that time the dog’s already moved on from the action.


Nice info guys. Can’t really add anything of use since I have mutts that are various breeds of sheep dogs, and just like to run until they pass out.