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How To Get A Super Strong Grip?


Hi I am a rock climmber and I have a few questions:
What are the best gripp exercises?
How can I train gripp endurance?
How can I improve my crimp and pinch max. strength ?



Here's one article by CW: http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=184grip

You also might like to look into Ironmind. They are a catalogue/website that deal with strongman and grip training. They have a bunch of specialized tools for grip and climbing training.


Definitely check out ironmind, also for just grip (and at ironmind they do break up hand strength into different categories) towel chin-ups work well. I find that doing these 3 days a week made for a lot of progress.

There is another exercise which could be good for pinching and crimping.Hold an olympic bar in one hand by the center, then let the bar roll down until it's about to fall off your fingers then roll it back up. It's pretty tough on your forearms and grip and the authour who wrote up the exercise said that guys have done it with up to a weight of 245lbs. Make sure to do it in a safety rack.

Good luck!


For pinch grip I really enjoy plate flips. Grap a 10lb plate in one hand flip it and catch repaeat untill you reach your point of faliure .I also do finger tip pull ups and finger tip static holds works for me .


That's a good idea, I'll try those on thursday. I also like to do hexhead-dumbell holds. Hold the end of a hexhead dumbell in one hand by grasping the head only. Keep your fingers off the #'s and let hang them down next to you for time. I use 30's to 35's for time. I have small hands so I have trouble w/ anything bigger. I also like to do plate holds where you take two plates of the same size and pinch them together for time. you can do as many sets as you like until failure.
A great place to read is diesel crew, these guys do alot of crazy grip shit.


John Brookfield's books cover just about everything. For climbing I have seen people do finger tip pull ups. They either do them on a ledge or nail a rock wall peice up above a door way and do pull ups. From Ironmind you can do eagle loop pull ups. You can also do pich grip pullups. All of these would work great for climbing.



Diesel crew is awesome. And a great bunch of guys.