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How to Get a Strongman Tire?


Where does one acquire those tires (not as big for me) they use in strongman competitions? Me and my friend think it would be fun to do some strongman workouts.


Look up industrial tire shops in your area. They'll be happy to load 'em up and give them to you for free. It saves them having to pay to dispose of old tires.


True dat. I went to the tire place downtown and they pretty much asked me how many I would be willing to take. If you paid for one, you got taken.


What are the different sizes of tires and how much does each one weigh, respectively? I was thinking about getting one as well.

  You may luck out at the county/city junkyard .


If you get one from an industrial/commercial tire shop, they'll know all the weights of all the tires in the yard.

And, they'll forklift it for ya onto your truck bed.

They're not allowed to take them so you won't find one there.

and they're called "Transfer Stations" now, not junk yards.