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How To Get a Huge Neck For Pro Sports - Rugby & Football?


How do I get a freakish neck and traps for rugby? ...I'm not going to do neck bridges as they're not applicable for me right now. Apart from shrugs and a neck harness is there anything else?


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Shrugs and do neck exercises. That's like asking how should I get big pecs? Do exercises for them maybe?


Shrugs work traps, neck exercises doesn't mean it's going to get bigger?


John Meadows did basic neck curls for high school football and got a 21" neck from it. Sooo....


My brother is obsessed with neck training, he does the lot (neck harness etc). It really isn't rocket science, if you want it bigger, just train it and do it again when it's recovered. There's no magical techniques. I believe reps are kept at the higher range (simply for safety).

It goes without saying that if you want any bodypart to be "huge", you're gonna have to add considerable body weight while doing it. Amazingly, that's the most important part some seem to forget in their quest for massive whatever's


Heavy Hise Breathing Shrugs...


It's not easy to work the neck unless you have access to well-designed neck machine, which few people do.

Personally I use isometrics. I suspend weights from my forehead with a strap and hold my neck in a flexed position against gravity for as long as possible.

A better strategy, which I have not attempted yet, but have seen done, is to rig a football helmet with a metal pipe welded to a square plate and screwed onto the top of the headgear. You then secure barbell plates to pipe with a collar.


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Just doing next curls or whatever the hell you call them. Hold your hand against the side of your head and try to push your head against it while resisting with your hand. I use to do these in high school everyday after my workout and I had a pretty thick neck. 20 reps front, back, side, side.


Reps, reps, reps. I found that neck grew best doing a few sets throughout the day. It recovers so fast. Use a harness, swiss ball neck extensions are great. A few sets of 20-30 here and there on top of your other work and it should increase.


When people refer to the neck and traps it is called a yoke heavy farmers walks and krow rows will add to building a impressive yoke.


As will basic shrugs.

My neck was a little over 20" last I checked.

Your neck is really only your traps and sternocleidomastoids. The former can be worked just fine with shrugs or deadlifts with nothing else fancy involved. The sternocleidomastoids would be much harder to work directly and usually would need a neck harness or some also do neck bridges.




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I have seen more neck/trap size from deadlifting than anything else. add in some shrugs and high rep kroc rows.


jeff king got the biggest freakin neck i have ever seen.


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Jim Wendler just wrote about this: