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How to Get a Blood Test?


I was going to the doctors last week. And i was going to get my BP, liver, kidney, test lvls... however he asked me why I wanted it done. And i told him the trust and he wouldn't test anything. What do you guys say to the doctors to get a blood test? Is it always this hard/doctors such dicks?


You told him that you wanted to run a cycle of illegal drugs?

That was a mistake, especially if you expect insurance to pay for it. If you want insurance to pay for it you needed to complain of some of the symptoms of low test and all that stuff.

If you plan to pay out of pocket you can tell him that he can either do the test or you will find a doctor that will.

You can check out lef.org if you want to do it privately.


One doctor bitched at me once and gave me a bunch of bullshit and lies.
I reported him for being an ass.

Most doctors I delt with have been against it, but have never denied me. A few have been interested.

They give junkies tests all the time, so he can go fuck himself.

But Bonez is right.

Had trouble getting pins twice at Safeway. Asked for their name so I could get my doctor to call them and said that I would report them for discrimination, failure to do their job and invasion of privacy.