How to Get 5mg of Test Prop in a Syringe?

I’m currently looking into the test taper protocol and I don’t understand how you could effectively inject anything less then .1ml.

Using test prop 100mg/ml…

Stasis week 1-4 four injections/week of .25ml (doable) 100mg

week 5 four injections/week of .2ml 80mg /weej

week 6 four injections/week of .15ml 60mg/week

week 7 four injections/week of .1ml 40mg/week

week 8 four injections/week of .05ml 20mg/week (how???)

Insulin syringes have hashes that are 1/100th of a ml.

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Thankyou, but how do draw into the high gauges? And do you inject using the same needle?

You can use the insulin needles to inject provided you have an injection site with thin skin. Guys do inject subcutaneous so as far I know that is also an option.

I really don’t think there is any advantage to test taper. If you have been suppressed for a longer time then get some HCG and force the boys to wake up. Then follow with an slightly extend PCT, like 6 weeks of Nolvadex.

I know there’s lots of theory behind test taper but there has to be a reason you don’t see a large portion of our community using it. You don’t even really see anyone using the test taper. You do see HCG usage, Nolvadex, clomid and even Nolvadex with clomid at the same time.

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My doctor is insistent on a taper… however much faster then what is recommended here by prisoner and @Singhbuilder

You draw out with your usual drawing needle and syringe (assuming a 20g, 1”, 3ml) and then backfill an insulin syringe. You won’t get it exact when you’re filling the larger barrel, but that is almost unavoidable. You will get it accurate in the insulin syringe, which is what counts.

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This is the exact reason why the taper would be useful. Have you ever used it? If not, don’t knock it.

Because they have not tried it and just advise against it, since they know no better.

You also see loads of failed PCTs. Seems to me you’d probably be one of those guys who recommends starting PCT 2 weeks after your last enanthate injection. Terrible and damaging advice.


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Hey thanks for the reply.

Where would one pin a slin pin?

I rotate between quads and delts.

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Delts and lats are easiest.

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Tapering Test is stupid, your doctor is a moron.

Yep. Test taper is asinine for sure. Get the Test out of the body as fast as possible and begin PCT. Doctor doesn’t understand the mechanism and science behind the HPTA recovery. All you are doing is prolonging your recovery and remaining hypogonadal much longer for no reason whatsoever.

Ill start off with usually I am rather careful with my wording and in all honesty what wrote was not what I was thinking at the time. Just divided attention.

I understand the theory behind the taper however Everytime I see it mentioned it’s from someone who is freaked out because they did not research and only ran a 8-12 week cycle. Second part, I don’t trust doctors with this stuff, provided it’s not a specialist or Endo with serious experience. I had a friend and granted he was an idiot but basically he was on cycle for almost two years, there were periods where he sort of came off for a month maybe but really he was two years strong. A couple months after he finally came off, he had impending court issues with lock up time, he went to a doctor and the Dr did fuck all. Six months later he was still having no luck with recovery so the Dr prescribed him 30 arimidex pills, told him that’s all he can do. My buddy was so use to calling it anastrozole he didn’t make the connection and ran a mg a day for the month, we all know how much that helped him. He finally listened to the group and ran a serious blast of HCG followed by a proper SERM. I know everyone is different but he definitely had an improved sense of wellbeing when he finally turned himself in. We never did get blood work confirmation on his situation until after his little lock up and he was within reasonable levels, he started his journey with AAS early and never had a base line reading and he was into his thirties when all this happened.

From what I understand about the taper is you basically get the synthetic level just below where the natural level would be and hold it. The theory is the body senses the need for more test and starts producing the small amount to supplement the synthetic. Remember once the ester is freed from the hormone the body doesn’t know it’s synthetic and it behaves just Ike natural. If the body can detect natural levels being low then react with more production then the taper being just below natural should allow the same situation. The synthetic is there so you never go to zero and it’s sort of like a safety net if you have issues getting the natural back up. My concern is how do you keep a level steady at just below what natural would be, obviously the OP had his head in the game with low low test prop shots. I can’t deny that that was a strong context clue that he probably wasn’t just a rookie freaking out after a 10 week cycle. I literally just went on a rant on a previous thread about how you probably couldn’t keep the level low enough and steady enough without either low low prop or TNE. Even a slight spike even being below natural levels would be like tapping on the breaks in regards to recovering natural production, in my mind that is.

My concern over the taper is really you are just extending your suppression. Shouldn’t that be the last resort to try and recover the HPTA?

Early in my learning/reading on this subject I remember someone explaining half lives and just general cycle info you needed. With enanthate or cypionate (longer is different) don’t you already have a built in taper? I usually have said (and I have not bothered to write it out so clearly lately) two equal shots per week. So on week 10 sunday and Wednesday you take shots then week 11 and 12 you do nothing. On the start of week 13 SERM therapy starts. If you go look at typical cycle levels doses the amount of testosterone free from the ester per day should be below natural levels by week 13. You would have to be crazy high like 2000mgs a week to still have significant levels by week 13. My point of all of this, and granted I might be totally off on my understanding of the test taper and why it is used, why would the start of attempted recovery be bad at this point? Four weeks later your synthetic levels should be just about nill, the SERM should have kick started the whole loop and thus true recovery could begin. I can’t really call SERM time as recovery because you are still not relying on natural. Really recovery I my mind is the three or four months after PCT when you have a stable natural production level.

Please keep in mind I only ran PCT a handful of times before I just switched over to blast and cruise. So even though I try to always learn I know I do direct my attention to stuff I want to learn about and since I don’t PCT, that usually doesn’t get much time.